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PostSubject: Talitha   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:19 am

Talitha is the traditional and older version of a name that I go by sometimes. Many years ago when I was struggling with the idea of what I was inside, I drew how I saw myself. A crazed mad wolf..dog.. monster. Something possessed Alhazred to scribble the newer/modern version of the name next to it, and after I did some digging with him, we found this:

"The traditional star name "Talitha" derives from the Arabic phrase, القفزة الثالثة (al-qafzat aθ-θāliθah or at-tālitah) meaning "The third leap [of the gazelle]", referring to an Arabic asterism. It refers to two stars in the Ursa Major constellation."

Is what Wiki says. I don't really identify with the Talitha of the Bible. Although, granted, in a old Sunday School play I actually played that kid. Played the part of the little girl that was brought back to life. But the Arabic meaning seems to have something heavier too it. A deep gut pit in my stomach feeling. I was just wondering if anybody else could give me some ideas? Thanks!

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