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 Help from the fae :)

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PostSubject: Help from the fae :)   Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:37 am

I love my people Suspect I recently accepted and stated that I would like to finally meet my soulmate/the person who's in my head all the time/Azra'el. I know that I've had a great block that was there because I felt like I didn't deserve to be loved. I think that has finally started to melt away and now I can look at somebody who is showing me love and acknowledge them fully. Azra'el's love always felt like that... overwhelming.

I've heard from the fae for the past year that they want me to rely on them more and bring them into my life more... so I did. When I was looking for housing I opened up to them and said "okay, help me find the perfect place to live." The next day, offers were piling in my lap. Each one was a little quirky. Or a lot quirky. I went to one place that was next to a beautiful river up the hill. "Look how close it is to us and how close you are to magickal places!" But it was a complete rundown junk hole in the ground run by hillbillies (the only hillbillies in Hilo I guess What a Face ) They led someone else to offering me a place, and a few other people... but each time there was a little (or huge) quirk. The interesting thing about asking for help from the fae is that you have to be patient, it think. They will work with you to get you exactly what you need... which means it's really important *not* to jump on the first few things that come your way, because they will *not* be what you are looking for o_o.

So, I recently said this out loud "I want to meet Azra'el now." And now guys are coming out of nowhere all in a "significant" fashion... and each one of them is ... has a quirk. A small one or a large one that's like "You....... are not him." I love my people.... I'm sure they'll help us come together and I just have to be patient, but it's a really weird process sifting through all the options that they bring you before they find the perfect fit. hahaha
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PostSubject: Re: Help from the fae :)   Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:38 pm

Hahaha that's pretty cool XD
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Help from the fae :)
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