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 Im kinda feeling disconected from things

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Im kinda feeling disconected from things  Empty
PostSubject: Im kinda feeling disconected from things    Im kinda feeling disconected from things  EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 7:13 pm

I have been doing work on my home life and work and kinda slacking on my spiritual life in the way of not having time to do what i need to do. Lately I started back to doing my path again and resume communication with the angels and etc, but eversince then things have been going wrong in the since that things come up that are getting in the way of that. Also I am having a serious run of getting screwed over and attacked by things spiritual when i started delving into my past again, I sometimes feel like there is something that doesnt want me to tap into my potential my making bad things happen to me and my family.
I try not to listen to all these things and get by it , but everytime i learn something new and grow spiritually something new out of the woodwork comes along trying to suck my energy trying to hurt me physically by trying to kill me and saying that i need to this and that when I know that its bad.
Im kinda tired of feeling like a target for something that I don't know what i did. I have had some kind of abomination(spiritual) after me and my family for the last 6 months that was causing alot of chaos in the house and hurting my family and when i found out where and how to catch it i used a stone to bind and rip it apart inside the stone using its own properties against it. but what i found out wierd about it is it came from the past like it was trailing me for some reason.
I did some research in my past and discovered that in the ritual that i became forcfully a fallen that they put 2 things in me, the ritual i wrote about in here was the 2nd one in the first one they put this black negative thing in me. It had wings and fire all around it like it was holding something they wanted it also carried alot of sadness for something i don't know what. I have been trying to find out why they did 2 rituals on me in the same day but i have no answers to why.
I have been feeling that there is something locked up inside me that is very powerful and very hurt, I am unsure what it is that these beings of negativity are after. I am not one to pay attention to negative things I ignore them and move on with my life , but its gotten to the point where they no longer attack me they attack my family because they cant hurt me.So I have been using alot of darker spells to trap and rip these beings apart one at a time. The people i talk too tell me to banish them but I can't get a circle around them to banish them, its like trying to lasso a horse that moves away from the rope. lol I am just venting here still going to go on with my life and do the right thing to go home But if anything being or person wants to mess with me I am no longer playing Mr nice guy. the way I am feeling mess with me whatever, mess with my family spiritual or physical i will use this blood magick I have been given to rip and destroy everything they are or will be. I felt i needed to write this to relieve what i have been feeling lately and how things have been going and why i have not posted lately. TY for the help and support you the poeple of this site have given and thank you for making the site.
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Im kinda feeling disconected from things  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im kinda feeling disconected from things    Im kinda feeling disconected from things  EmptyMon Sep 24, 2012 2:56 am

i remember hearing stories about things like this. one thing the people performing the rituals did is that they would learn the target's true name, and then it would have to obey when summoned into a circle. if not, then it may be a good idea to try and put a circle around your home, a ward to keep it out.
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Im kinda feeling disconected from things
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