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 a memory i recently had but was afraid to share

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PostSubject: a memory i recently had but was afraid to share   Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:24 pm

I was in this house while I believe was Azreals and Uriels. They were out tending to the rebellion going on up there when some rogue angels I called them, came into the house and started fighting in there. "i was told before they left to kill anyone that comes into this house of death who are not welcome" well when they came in some of them grabbed me and threw me off the building so i flew back in and i said to them as you enter my house you will know death. Theyre were about 14 angels with me who were fighting and i remember every rogue angel i killed i threw them out tearing their souls from thier body telling them you will never return unless you repent your actions and thats when the memory ended. I remember the feelings i had upon the battle, I felt happiness that I got to finally get into the battle .
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a memory i recently had but was afraid to share
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