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 A memory, and a fond remembrance?

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PostSubject: A memory, and a fond remembrance?    Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:56 pm

I just thought that I should post about the little that I've begun to remember, or bear witness to, not quite sure how to describe it, but anyhow, here goes! The memory concerns, what I can only assume to be a battle it what, from the state of most the creatures there, to have been a fairly long war. I have memories from both side of this conflict, which was fought on what appeared to be a giant barren plain, with a huge mount/cliff at one end. One side appeared to very... regal? Like knights in armor? The other side appeared to be more wild, and far more worn, though there was more of them at this point by far?? Both sides appeared to be some form of angel, or had at least at some point in their histories been angels of some description. The more wild side, let out a bestial roar and ran towards the other. The memory kind of ends there.

The fond remembrance is of, what I can only describe as something that happened to a shard of myself? An angelic version, or wait Shadow is that the word that gets used on here? Embarassed Anyhow, it's quite sweet and kind of silly but nice none the less, she remembers, and misses quite fondly singing in the heavenly choirs. Quite beautiful to be hold actually and a force to feel. They were all united by their love of God, and she feels so alone without them. Ahem, anyway, just thought I'd share! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A memory, and a fond remembrance?    Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:10 am

Both memories sound very powerful.  If you continue to pursue and meditate on them, I'm sure more information will come forth.  

There have been a lot of things written about here that come close to both of the things that you write about here, IIRC.  One that I have written about myself is a battle on a vast plain.  I call it "The War on the Red Plain" and whereever I've written about it here, that's the title of the post.  In my memory, I was on the side of the wild things, as a feral Fae.  There were Shadow and also feral Fae and Therian-like creatures, half humanoid, half beast.  On the other side were more regal-looking Shadow in shiny armor.  Maybe this was the same event?
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A memory, and a fond remembrance?
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