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 ARCHIVE: Memories and Experiences, My last post I think got deleted...

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Memories and Experiences, My last post I think got deleted...   Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:31 am

By Aislinne Sep 22 2008 -

Edit: I'm a dork and the post I thought got deleted is in a different section lol. But this has more information in it.

This is what I remember, what I've been told, why I believe in it, and how everything connects. This is a message I sent a friend of mine.

Vladimir told me of my death in my first life. He told me that he was my teacher in my first life, as a Dragon himself, me as half Dragon, and the Dragon Keeper. In the idea that I took care of the Dragons. Gave them medical attention and helped when needed. Reaper was in this life also. He was the Keeper before me, but the Dragons didn't trust him, so I became Keeper. He resented me for this. So he began to abuse my teacher. I caught him and tried to step in. I stepped in at the wrong moment. Just as I went to push Reaper away from Vladimir, Vladimir let out a burst of fire. This killed me since I got the brunt of it, and severely maimed Reaper. It wasn't just physically maimed, his soul was forever distorted because if it. Thus why no matter what side I choose, he wishes to kill me.

Enodian also told me of a dream, where I was walking down an aisle, wearing purple robes, with wings, and that Dragons were bowing to me.

I've had the same dream but the wings were covered by the robes.

I've also had interesting ties with Lilith. I'm not sure why. But from what I've been told, because of the description I gave of her, I've seen her and she's spoke to me. Kronos knows of this. But at the time I was talking to and trusted Seraphina, who I and a few others, now know as a deceiver.

*side note* The Seraphina in my story is not the Seraphyna that is on this forum. (Highlighted by Az cool.gif )
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ARCHIVE: Memories and Experiences, My last post I think got deleted...
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