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 ARCHIVE: a name for him, something laeus and i spoke about

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: a name for him, something laeus and i spoke about   Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:20 am

By Elaea Jun 28 2009 -

last night Laeus and I were discussing something which i brought up...the name Arie'el...it just came to me and i asked if he knows where it's from and he told me that he has mentioned it in one of his posts, and thats where i may have seen it. my thought on the name is that thats what his father might have wanted to name him but couldnt because Laeus's mother did not like the name, i feel she didnt like the name because she hated Laues fathers brother ( i came to the conclusion his father wanted to name him after his fathers brother who might have died or something im not really sure) but since Laeus's mother did not like the brother because he may have brought her alot of pain HOW? i am not really sure. so i was wondering do any of you have ideas?

oh before i forget as the name came to me so did a male figure...i hope the post makes sense

By Laeus Jun 28 2009 -

i totaly agree. i feel the whole brother thing as well. it may be that my fathers brother disagreed with the human and angel relationship. and sumhow took my father away. posibly as a dieing wish or sumthing.
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ARCHIVE: a name for him, something laeus and i spoke about
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