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 ARCHIVE: Shadow of the Fallen, Your Website is now open

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Shadow of the Fallen, Your Website is now open   Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:54 am

From Ishtahar 9 Sep 2007

We have started the website Shadow of the Fallen with the specific purpose to gather together the Fallen, to fill in the gaps with what happened in our past and therefore to learn more about what we must do to achieve enlightenment in our future.

We have done our best to map out what happened at the time and since but we are a long way from being sure and complete.

We intend the website to grow as more and more of our brothers and sisters join us and begin to fill in the gaps.

If there is anything you remember from the time of the fall, before that time or in the lived which you have lived since which you think may be important please share it with us and we will add it to the website (cr3edited to you of course) so that as more ad more add to it, then it shall become more and more complete and we shall walk slowly, step by step towards the fulfillment of our destiny.

Over to you guys
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ARCHIVE: Shadow of the Fallen, Your Website is now open
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