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 ARCHIVE: How many dowsing stones does one person need?

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: How many dowsing stones does one person need?   Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:49 am

From Lilian Dreamwalker 12 Jan 2010

So i love pendulums. I find they are one of the most useful occult instruments out there and right now, I have four of them, that I use! and... ten that I don’t!
So i have fourteen dowsing stones!
Anyone want one tongue.gif lol
I was just wondering if anyone else had pendulums and what you use them for.
I use mine for everyday questions, as a compass and for finding things I keep losing.

From Lilian Dreamwalker 12 Jan 2010

n..n giving some away though, I know when something isn't mine to keep.

From Razi'el 12 Jan 2010

actually, i've been making do with a makeshift one... i'll have one if you're offering, of course!~

From Scratch 13 Jan 2010

Way to get me to pick up my old citrine-on-a-chain. I haven't used it in ages, but like it for quick answers to questions.

How do you use yours as a compass, or to find stuff? Still with questions, or is it more like dowsing?

From Lilian Dreamwalker 13 Jan 2010

Well my Hematite one seems to just always point north. I can ask her questions and it will answerer but if I need to find North she seems to naturally point that way.
To find things, I guess its called scrying. I ask and visualise whatever it is I’ve lost like my keys and I guess the stone somewhat pulls me. It helps me remember the last time I saw it and pulls me in that direction.

I have a Bloodstone and an Amethyst one I'm trying to find a home for.

From Razi'el 14 Jan 2010

hmmm.... well, i can take the amethyst one off your hands ^^

From Lilian Dreamwalker 23 Jan 2010

I can if you trust me enough with your home address I don’t know how admin will feel as it is personal information

From Azaz'el 23 Jan 2010

Well, speaking as Admin........ and it's not often I get to put my official hat on........ it's down to the choice of the individuals. Any linking or connection that is made between members of the forum is purely a personal and individual choice. We're all adults here and all I can control or comment upon is what is posted on the forum.

So, to state the blatantly obvious, as long as personal details aren't posted on the forum, however members chose to link up and connect in the physical world is down to them.

Hope this helps,


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PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: How many dowsing stones does one person need?   Tue Mar 30, 2010 6:18 pm

I am a member of the Pratchett school of witchery. As a friend said to me the other day.... if you rely on props you're probably not powerful enough to use them.

Now there is a huge difference between rely and use.

I use props from time to time... sometimes because they focus the mind/energy, and sometimes just because they are pretty.

As for dowsing crystals... I generally use a hagstone I found on the side of a mountain. My son has the pretty amethyst and silver one Smile
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ARCHIVE: How many dowsing stones does one person need?
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