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 ARCHIVE: This might be interesting.

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: This might be interesting.   Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:58 am

By Sari'el 14 January 2008 -

I have quite a collection of music, and know many songs. Sometimes a song comes to mind, while I don't even know the lyrics or anything whatsoever. This one, however, may be of some interest to you. I remembered the song's title, looked up the lyrics and I was quite surprised at what I found.

Fields of the Nephilim - SUMERLAND

your tempting me
to all of life and all its pleasure
take me to the dream
to the highs and the depths of my soul
here we free thoughts inside
giving up for giving time
but a world without end
where no soul can descend
there will be no sumertime
how lost lifes been
afraid of waking up
so afraid to take the dream
take the dream
take the dream
take the dream
shapes of angels the night casts
lie dead but dreaming in my past
and their here they want to meet you
they want to play with you so take the dream
take the dream
take the dream
can't break free
i can't break free
and i hear them call they want to plauge you
their here once more they want to laywith you
they want to take you to the shame of your past
take the dream
take me lead me far away
take me there i'll fade away
but i can't hide and i cannot die
and i cannot die
and i cannot die
and i cannot die
i take the dream
take the dream
we're but fools of our fate
on this earth i shall wait
by the roots of my soul
i am loosing control
take the dream
the sleepers in you shapes of angels
so deep within you
feel your soul drowning
unloosen your soul drowning
drowning - drowning in waters of reality
tell me what is reality
tell me what is reality
tell me tell me thoughts of god
do dreams fall from god
tell me what dreams may come
break free thoughts all gone
we're all come down
take me
thoughts of god
take me
fall from god
tell me what dreams may come
take me
fall from god
all come down
all come down
take me there
take me there
your ticket out a here
take me out a here - take me
take me out a here - take me
take me out a here - take me
take me out a here - take me

In my opinion Carl McCoy captured some things quite well. He seems to know what he's talking about, up to some extent. Any opinions on this?

By Azaz'el 14 Jan 2008 -

Ah, that brings back memories...... not just from the past but also from my younger days listening to the Fields of the Nephilim.

You probably know this, but their entire act was based upon the legends of the Nephilim and the fall of the Giants, the children of angels. And as they were managed by Storm Constantine, it's not surprising that their influence was so heavily based on snatches of thought and memory.

Have any of you read Storm Constantine's trilogy of books based upon the legends of the Watchers and the return of Shemyaza and Ishtahar? The books are very good, she is a very skilled and talented writer. Yet their description of not only Shem and Ish but others is slightly off the mark.... yet its a good read and I'd love to have the chance to discuss memories and thoughts with Storm regarding her writing and influence.

The one aspect that is very difficult to get across in writing is the haunting and longing sense of loss for those days when life seemed simpler and more easy........ when our connection to the Source was vibrant and dynamic and life was good, both here in Albion and in Kharsag, before the Fall. It's that sense of loss - both of those days and of the companionship of Kin and love - that keeps me awake most nights...... and the nightmares of loss and death.


By Ishtahar 15 Jan 2008 -

I didnt know that Fields of the Nephelym were managed by Storm Constantine.....!! No wonder I like them. I love Storm Constantine's books. If anyone knows something of the truth it is her.

I love that song Seri'el, I listen to it on the way to work sometimes and those days always seem to go well but there is always a feeling of deep melancholy over everything. To be absolutely and blatantly honest I actually enjpy feeling melancholy, it is like a familiar blanket to wrap myself in.
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ARCHIVE: This might be interesting.
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