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 ARCHIVE: Free Fall, Poem

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Free Fall, Poem   Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:12 am

By Aislinne 22 Sep 2008 -

I took a free fall today.
Jumped right into the air.
Hoping that I would be caught,
Hoping someone would be there.

I soared downwards,
Crisp wind through my hair,
I screamed away my fears,
I screamed away my tears.

Each moment seemed to last forever,
Like the sands of time had stopped.
Reaching for something,
Reaching for anything.

Land is coming into view,
I'm still hoping to be caught,
Searching for someone,
Searching for that special one.

But now I'm at the end,
The end of my fall.
And there is only me,
I never thought this is how it would be.

By Azaz'el 22 Sep 2008 -

Thank you for sharing that with us Aislinne, for me it certainly holds a lot of emotion and passion. I have always found it difficult to write poetry, perhaps because it is so concise in its nature, where as ||I can be very verbose in my writing!!


By Aislinne 22 Sep 2008 -

thank you for your kind words. It's a lot how I've felt in the last week.

By Ishtahar 23 Sep 2008 -

Yes, it is a haunting poem Aislinne and it is how I am feeling at the moment too.

I am beginning to think that we are always alone. We are born alone, we die alone, out emotions are felt by us alone, we experience out pain alone, no matter how many people we have around us we are, essentially, alone.

At least that is how I am feeling just about now. Sem, if you want to come and convince me I am wrong then I am open.


By Aislinne 24 Sep 2008 -

Mostly I feel this way because everyone who has told me they could/would help me with finding out information, helping me train, being focused and centered, hasn't. They've helped others and themselves before me, even answering the very questions I asked not for me, but for someone else and forgetting about me completely. In the end not even I could catch myself.

By Ishtahar 24 Sep 2008 -

Maybe this is all telling you something...... maybe either you are putting your faith in the wrong people or.... maybe you just don't need them.

Be assured that if you ask something of us here you will not be ignored. We might not be able to help but you we will try and if we cant we will tell you we cant.


By Aislinne 21 Oct 2008 -

thank you ish. I appreciate it.
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ARCHIVE: Free Fall, Poem
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