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 ARCHIVE: something that happened a while back

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: something that happened a while back   Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:16 pm

By Razi'el 7 May 2009 -

a few months ago, either in febuary or march, did anyone here feel a strong pulse of energy? all i remember is trying to sense for something and then just feeling this intense pressure everywhere. my mate felt it too, it was around midnight on one of those saturday's... can anyone offer any explanation?

By Dreamsend 9 May 2009 -

It happens far too often these days for me to remember the time they happened clearly, I'm sorry unsure.gif. Maybe next time something happens, post right away?

I am sure there were several "pulses" in the last few months.

-- A

By Ishtahar 9 May 2009 -


By Azaz'el 9 May 2009 -

I love being the one to state the obvious......... the pulses are getting stronger and more frequest.

I can't help but plae a connection between them and the Gateways starting to crack and open.

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ARCHIVE: something that happened a while back
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