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 Dream Job

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PostSubject: Dream Job   Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:21 am

So! What is your dream job? What does it involve? Is there anywhere specific you'd like to do it? What's the salary like? Is there shifts/odd hours? How did you/how are you going to get there? Tell me about your dream job Very Happy

Mine is a senior curator at the National Museum of Scotland. I'd be in charge of taking care of artifacts and for organizing new exhibits for the museum. It's a typical 9-5 job but an extra hour or two might be needed for when an exhibition is close, and for when I want to visit it. The average salary for a senior curator is £28,000 to £34,000 if you're working for a well-known, popular museum like the National Museum. This specific museum asks for a masters degree in either history, archaeology or a "relevant subject" which is brilliant because I'm going to study Scottish History and Archaeology as a degree. It also asks for a postgraduate degree in ancient history, egyptology, mideival history or archaeology which will be fine because I plan on getting a phD in egyptology or mideival history after that. I'd love to get a doctorate, too!
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Job   Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:14 pm

That sounds fantastic. I love Scottish history. Although I hate you for the fact that, if you'd just held back on your rebellion and let us get in first we'd be the one with our own country and you'd still be under English occupation :p

My dream job is one I'm already doing... writing. But I wish I earned enough to be able to do it part time.

Writing is everything to me. A therapy, an absorbing interest, an obsession. Everything from research, to sitting down and writing, to finding pictures to go with the images in my head. making my characters come alive and, more recently working with an editor to polish the story so the outside is as good as the inside so to speak, to the utter thrill of actually getting my own book on the bookshelf. Even all the publicity stuff that has been so hard and scary has been rewarding.

It's everything I ever wanted and I'm working really hard to get there Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Job   Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:51 pm

Go Capsha! Go Ishtahar! That's awesome
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Job   

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Dream Job
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