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 Empowering Dream

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PostSubject: Empowering Dream   Empowering Dream EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 9:54 am

Last night I became pretty upset after a fight with my mum. I didn't expect to sleep soundly so I went to bed expecting bad dreams and to be woken up a lot. Instead I got one of the most empowering dreams I've had in a long time.

I consited of 3 parts:
The first part was that I was entering a temple. Hwhan, my guide, was sitting perched on my shoulder as I kneeled down in front of the gates. He told me "Ask for the King, say it's important. If the King isn't there, ask for the Lord and they will give you a few minutes with him." As I reached the throne I noticed that a girl was sitting on it. She had wild, golden hair like a lion's mane, she was well tanned, her make-up looked Egyptian and her crown was decorated with orange jewels, hieroglyphs and I knew straight away that this was Sekhmet in human form. Being one of the deities that I'm bound to, I bowed down and said "Lady, I am here to seek comfort in you." She laughed and pointed over to a cage where there was a wolf and a bear fighting. The bear was much taller than any bear we know, it had 4 arms plus it's 2 legs and it was a dark brown colour. The wolf seemed to be like a zombie wolf. It was decomposing and had no eyes but it was still managing to get a few shots in at the bear. I began to get upset and started screaming at them to stop the fight and to split them up but Sekhmet just looked at me and said "This is what it is, child." I felt on the verge of screaming when huge, hand-like talons grabbed me around my stomach and gently flew me away from the temple and the horror.

I arrived in a graveyard (part 2). It was old and most of the headstones were written in latin. There was one particular one that caught my eye. It was shaped like a bed- 4 gravestones on the outside and the one that was to be the mattress in the middle of them, lying flat like a mattress would do. Although it was written in latin, I found that I could read it. The grave was dedicated to Marquis de Sade, although the grave itself was for a young man in his twenties who was hung for being a theif. Hwhan then whispered to me "A theif gets a grave like this while plague victims and people who slave away in factories are lucky to get on the list." I find cemeteries to be peaceful, calming places. There's always life there and the atmosphere is buzzing with memories, I find it to be a more happy than sad place.

Part 3 was inside a church, though not the type of church we're familiar with. It was on 6 floors and I went to the top floor. Clock towers (like the top of Big Ben) stuck through the floor and told the time, the bells rang and the whole ground would shake. The faraway wall was covered in mirrors. People were talking to themselves and crying and trying to hug themselves. Hwhan nibbled my ear and took off and, even though it was in a dream, I felt hugely alone. I stepped down the stairs at the entrance and found myself looking at a peacock. He was light grey but his wings were red, his neck was black and his tail remained the same green colour. On the top of his head he had golden tufts. He shook his tail and a feather fell out, which I picked up. I then went over to the wall of mirrors and stared at myself holding this feather. After a while I got bored and went to leave. A body feather had fallen out from the peacock so I picked it up. He snatched it back from me, squealed at me and then parted his feathers and slid it back in. After this I woke up.
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PostSubject: Re: Empowering Dream   Empowering Dream EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 4:52 pm

Strange dream. Very deep.

I couldn't even begin to try to unravel its meaning. I have a feeling it's not meant to be unravelled, just to be felt and assimilated.
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Empowering Dream
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