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 ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found

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ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found   ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found EmptyFri Apr 30, 2010 3:46 am

From Laeus 1 July 2009

Ok so i found this necklace with saint michael on it, it used to be my dad. i feel like its calling me. what do you guys think? what are the atributes of saint michael? also ... would that just be buying into christian rubish? ( no offence intended)

From Dreamsend 1 July 2009


As in this Michael[link added: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_(archangel)]? Leader, villain? I think Ish, Az, and the others would have a lot more to say about him than I can...

On a personal note, he is the favorite of my dad as well smile.gif

From Azaz'el 1 July 2009

Hehehe I love your diplomacy Dreamsend!!! tongue.gif

Micha'el, the Shadow, Archangel, was the Battle Chief of the Choir of Archangels and was the proud and magestic warrior that the Shadow loved to show off to the physical races, such as Humanity.

Micha'el was originally the one who used to Guard some of the Gateways, and was revered even amongst the Shadow as being a strong and mighty being, who was proud and wise and spent much time lookign through the Gateways to Otherworlds in order to understand creation. As such, some even looked to him as the prime Voice....... which went down really well with the promotion of Metatron!!

I will remain totally neutral here........ or as much as I can be. Micha'el killed or faught first, asked questions later. He wasn't an ignorant thug, but he acted like one, believing in his own hype and beign certain that he was always right. But just right one can be when your thoughts go against the wishes of the Source is something that will always plant a seed of doubt.

The last I have heard, Micha'el had slightly gone off the rails, having to be contained and watched carefully so that he would no longer kill or hurt those who did the work of the Source and didn't listen to him. Although I also heard that he had given his carer's the slip and was his location was ...... unknown.

He was a fine Shadow, upright, moral and an excellent soldier. But that was a long time ago. Power easily corrupts.

Perhaps someone has had more recent news regarding him.

As for buying into christian rubbish............ it's aways important to remember that christianity did take some of the concepts and ideas of our history...... but men latr twisted it in their retelling. Our history is much older than Christianity, but there are some enlightened individuals out there who understand.


From Scratch 2 July 2009

Um, interesting timing, at the very least.

I wrote a response to Dreamsend's post earlier, in which I said one person I'd met and falsely IDed claimed to be an angel. I thought he was Micha'el (even pronounced with that break, which I thought strange then), without saying so. At least, until he himself said things to support that idea. This was several years ago, at a confused and not-very-sane point in my life, so my memory's a bit muddled, but I know if I said anything, I didn't before serious prompting, and I remember the shock as I listened that night.

I identified myself as some kind of demon symbiosis at the time, but he claimed I was really an angel. Furthermore, he said his reason for being here, basically, was to assess and report to God whether this world was worth saving, and I was somehow part of the evidence. We were intimate for a while, but something about him scared me to the core and I broke off contact. I couldn't say what or why at the time, and now only have a sense of something very unstable. He gave me a little pocket-token with an angel on it, "for protection," but it gave me the creeps and I threw it away. I hooked up with someone much worse shortly after, but thinking back on him feels like an earthquake. Calm, seemingly peaceful facade, immense physical strength, and crystal blue eyes with gold rings in the center, unlike anything I've seen. But he made me feel like a butterfly he was trying to trap (even said once he'd like to keep me safe under glass), and I could sense deep bloody rage boiling beneath the surface like a lake of fire.

On another note Laeus, I found a Saint Anthony medallion (on the floor after a NIN show, of all things!) which I wear often. I'm not Catholic, but believe in the energy believers infuse that kind of stuff with. As I've heard it, saints personify attributes which you pray to bring into your life. Wikipedia had some interesting things to say under "Saint Michael."

From Dreamsend 2 July 2009

tongue.gif I'm a product of my environment... embassies and state buildings everywhere.

From Laeus 2 July 2009

hmmm now im really not sure, wear the necklace and maube it will make me more of a leader and fighter, or maybe something bad will hapen..... maybe nothing will happen, but thats highly unlikely. but azazel, as i have heard you say in other posts, we need to make contact with the shadow again.... ( although on a side note, if we make peace with them who are we fighting in the coming war?)

From Azaz'el 2 July 2009

The most important thing to do, Laeus, is follow your intuition and your heart. If it feels right then wear it, enjoy it, keep it. JUst by wearing it or even owning it may not make anything happen for good or ill.

I have said right from the start and will keep on saying that we desperately need to make peace with the Shadow. All ranks of Shadow need to be unifed, all the petty differences and power struggles that have existed for millennia upon millennia must be settled and put to one side. And, as the only physical warriors that the Shadow had, the Grigori must awaken, reunite and then reunite with the Shadow, own own brothers.

We are facing a fight against a very old enemy in the coming war. This enemy was the one we all originally faught against, the one we closed the Gateway into this Universe to in order to save life and save creation. Their origins, their intent and purpose is to wipe away creation and destroy all links to the Source...... something that we then did for them by our own infighting and refusal to unify.

This ancient enemy is something that we've not touched upon much in the forum so far, so maybe we need to start a thread soon to understand who they are, now that the Wards the Shadow placed against them are failing too.


From Ishtahar 3 July 2009

I will remain silent because I can't be neutral. I can't be unbiased. My memories are too clear, too present. But I have to say that my soul is screaming at this thread. Be careful

From Azaz'el 3 July 2009

I think anyone who has dealings with the archangels needs to be careful.... there are old wounds that need to be healed.


From Razi'el 4 July 2009

well, i'd say that the first step would be contacting them in this life... Gabri'el seems like he's already forgiven, from what i hear... now we just have to worry about Rapha'el, Uri'el, and most of all, Micha'el... i'd go on, but those are the only archangels i know of thus far ^^;;


From Azaz'el 4 July 2009

Raz, try looking into a mirror!



From Razi'el 5 July 2009

ummm... wait, what? you're saying I'M an Archangel??? blink.gif

.... okay, that's... different....

From Ouza 5 July 2009

It's....Okay, thats.... the truth!!!

Better grab on to it and own it! I was always told that "if the shoe fits, wear it!"

But hold in abeyance the ego first and always ... once this is known by those others there will be hel to pay. This, is and always will be a team effort!

We are to be needed together as a whole ....and soon enough and must always be prepared to fight for that right! Believe it or not, we are the good guys not the bad one's and this site is not a Role Playing Game!



From Lael 5 July 2009

Yeah, Raz. It would seem so...

I haven't looked in the mirror in a while, myself...

*is sort of trying to delurk as life starts to get back to normal*

Hugs and peace to all of you. <3

From Scratch 5 July 2009

Although the Archangels were simply the major players of the last big shindig; the organizers and generals. I don't know about you guys, but my rank or whatever has sure changed.

On the one hand, the past is essential to know, so we don't have to make the same mistakes twice. On the other, this is a completely different time, and I've learned a lot since then. We're not chess pieces, being set back on the same squares to continue a game which has sat in a box for millennia.

I think the underlying point to forgetting may have been to learn a thing or two from humans, which we are not so very separate from in a lot of ways. Same dramas and passions, and fears of being alone and different, as far as I can tell.
There was talk of setting aside old differences and arguments. Sadly, these original quarrels were transformed into terrible acts in blood, which are equally terribly hard to forgive. The most terrible thing of all, it seems, is some of us remember, some of us are beginning to remember, and some of us don't remember.

How much does the past, and what we were then, matter? In what ways?

From Azaz'el 5 July 2009

I think tha past matters in as much as we need to learn from it, and enusre that we don't make the same mistakes again. And by 'we' I mean ALL Shadow. I suppose it can be very easy for some of us to fall into old habitys and start bitching and complaining about what happened to us and how evil and terrible the 'other side' was.... easy because this is essentially the first incarnation when so many of us have come together with memories of what happened to us and what we also did. But that can also raise old ghosts and perhaps move us away from the ultimate goal which is to find common ground so that Unification can take place.

We are not who we were, we have changed, we have become Human in almost all ways, and our ranks and titles and privaleges no longer exist. Yet we need to become who we were in order to become what we need to become........ and there lies the greatest of all the paradox's. To be who we are and yet also be more than that. This path, this life, isn't an easy one....... and I know I was never all sweetness and light and can't for a moment sit and judge the behaviour of others...... especially as the Grigori Fall began due to my actions. Yet we have all hopefully learnt by being human and can now look ahead as well as looking behind.

Raz ...... I wish I could have seen your face when you realised that!!!

Lael..... your time is fast approaching to face your mirror.

Scratch... you have faced yours and perhaps there are a few things that need to be given more of a chance to heal.


From Ouza 6 July 2009

Dearest ones,

The key to this all, is not whether we want to .. but that we must not continue to ... only because we have unwittingly in the past done this to ourselves and to the ones we have loved and lost through our own pride and ignorance but that we must ever want and need this in order for us as a whole to move forward or on to the next level of intent of consciousness, awareness and just spiritual well being!

The three most important things to change this time around are that we now have a fresh and new attempt with a set new perspective, unselfish good intent and a shared goal for the ultimate unity, safety and well being of just not only ourselves but for the complete well being of the God Head together as a whole!

We are being offered a way out or as you would say a way up, whatever, we may think say or call it we are being given that chance to move and make a new beginning for one and all! Whatever, that is or will be ... we will find out together!

Do we want change or just to stay the same, forever? Sometimes to us that's not just a convenient or comfortable decision to accept or believe but must and most certainly be made with open eyes and a loving intentioned heart, mind and the special truth of spiritual purpose! Our History as fallen is an important one so, are we to be forever doomed to repeat, it over again and again and again! You know ... just by simple cause and effect!

I choose to change and to always have that which comes with the definitive knowledge and love that is with the total experience and all that it has to offer or will ever give us in an atmosphere of complete and utter new being! Are you willing to die for them? You know, the souls that we were to serve and not to be severed from!

""You may remember the story of how the devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, 'What did that man pick up?' 'He picked up a piece of the truth,' said the devil. 'That is a very bad business for you, then,' said his friend. 'Oh, not at all,' the devil replied, 'I am going to help him organize it.'"



From Dreamsend 6 July 2009

I think the past matters now inasmuch as - as far as I can tell - this life is not seperate from that life but a continuation of the same... one fluid existence "broken up" into segments and chapters. The body passes, the soul rises, and reevaluates what it's done, what it didn't do, and what it should do in the next life. Then reincarnation occurs when it's ready to go on -- I think that children - babies, toddlers, up to about 3 or 4 years old at most usually - often *remember* everything that has occurred and everything they're setting out to do in the life they've just been born into. The society around them, their parents and the general "veil" of this world, as they grow and adapt and remember how to act human as the current rules dictate, eventually cause them to forget, as far as I know.

The same as you might wake up in the morning, create a "to-do" list for the day, (i.e. you have to go pay a bill because for the past month you've been using electricity in your house), there was kind of a "to-do" list created at some point before you were born. Remembering the past only helps to inform the decisions you make today.

Personally, I have always had a particular feeling that there's something I'm meant to do in this life. The reason I try to remember everything I can is to help me feel less like I'm groping blindly at whatever presents itself; so that I can move with firmer direction and purpose.

From Ouza 6 July 2009

"It matters .... In All Ways, it will always matter!".... The key word here and now, is "Intent"



From Razi'el 6 July 2009

i find it funny, to be honest with you all. heheh... cruelest of jokes, yes? to be scuttled from one body and into another, only to forget why you even came INTO that body?? slightly amusing ^^

but anywho, becoming more than who we are, Az, that has already happened from where i see it. we've all changed, as you said, and we have all gained new depth and perspective from these lives we have all lead. we're not who we were, nor, as we remember these lives in this time, are we the same people we grew up as in this life. we aren't the same people we were, and there will be some surprised faces when we show up again.

stay strong, all of you wink.gif

From Ouza 6 July 2009

"Karma doesn't exist in the sense some religions and sects teach, karma means only cause and effect, there is no "punishment" for you in this life because of what you did before

Beauty is something relative, the sooner you accept yourself, the happier you will be, not only for human beings but for all animals, plants and all creatures in the universe there is one path that leads to success, peace, joy and harmony, and it is to be oneself and to do your best in all.

There is a saying and it says: "it is not important what you have, but what you do with what you have"

One can be be rich and physically very attractive and yet at the same time spend the whole life in pure idiocies"

""This is a time to ask some hard questions..." We must apply Logic and Reason to find the Solutions which answer the hard questions, AND get the "right people" involved with the implementation. It descends onto the shoulders of those of us with awareness of the Truth to become ACTIVE in the promotion of Truth, Logic and Reason. This is a call to take a stand , raise up, knock on some doors, write Letters to Editors, to the United Nations, to the People of Earth. People cannot ACT on the Truth if they never hear it.

ACTIVE = ACTIVISM. One Spirit came to Earth 2000-years ago and, even though the Truth was buried, the world was changed. That SAME Spirit is back on Earth again NOW, and this time, the Truth will NOT BE BURIED. Let's Light our Torches from the Fire of this mans' words, and carry the torches out into the world. Un-Truth and Ignorance must be burned away.

Truth must come before Peace. With Peace then comes Wisdom."



From Eshtar 29 Aug 2009

besides Azazel the Archangel I feel most connected to is also as i lol probibly mention so many times is gabriel. Sometimes I feel as I am of his Host somehow. One Angelkin (kind of different from what we are) always said "your an Archangel but also Seraphim) Do i beleive that or is she just trying to put Pride in me? I really do not know. The an Elf senced me as a Grigori the Angels I was allured to and stronly connected to for many years. The story of the 200 and what not. But the First War in Heaven is this the battle of Before you speak of? Because unlike the war I spoke of in this forum yesterday, (my vision) I saw a different war as well it sounds clique but this war had fire also and fighting Angels but no humans. Just Angel against Angel. Was this with the acual Satan (not Lucifer) the purest Evil I reasonate with (not me being it of course) comes from the Necronomicon of the Ancient Ones and the Great old Ones. When the Stars align "they" will beable to come forth from the Gates once more and set claim on this world again. The purest of evils in the Necro is the Great old Ones and the main one is Cuthullu. I do not beleive for one second HP Lovecraft was it's writer and inventor o hell no!. Like JRR Tolkien he was a tool a channeler and a seer. my ex mate used that book for one spell and was forever changed. received it by an already mad human. (the human took his own life sometime later) It is also very dangerious because unlike Wicca and so called Light Paths, it has NO banishing or protection "spells" Cuthullu would be the most ancient of evil. If I am wrong tell me I sure hope I am. Someone close to me before she recently died a couple nights ago.. spoke of the same upcomming battle and the return of the Divine Femenine. (I'll not reveil anymore on that) But this war is NOT some fake Angel revelation and otherkin fairy tail even though most do not beleive in it and think it is some Christian or D&D role play. Far from it.

From Scratch 29 Aug 2009

Man, that's the second time someone's post made me gasp!

I'm so sorry about your friend. What got me was what she said, especially about the Divine Feminine. Thanks for drawing the distinction between Lucifer and Satan. They are entirely different.

Hearing you explain how these things are not some kooky Christian role-play is bringing back so many memories. Ah, pagan gamers... ::smacksmacksmack:: Sounds like these people are more full of shit than they tell you you are. I think it pretty much says it all that Lovecraft wrote mainly from very intense dreams.

From Eshtar 30 Aug 2009

Thats why the Necronomicon No Malek or human should ever use. Intence dreams? it was beyond dreams. the real one who wrote this book it it said wrote it on human skin and wrote in human blood. (the Original book) I had a friend once who claimed to be an Archangel who went by the name Grail Shadowblade. He said that Angels or Demons could take the Necronomicons intence power. At least the Fallen could. Me I will never take that chance. Even it's saying if the Return still scares me.

From Ishtahar 30 Aug 2009

Lovecraft was tapping into something, no doubt. The war before wars was almost more than even the Malakh could handle. Almost a thrid of their number were wiped out.

From Eshtar 30 Aug 2009

The First war I know about is usualy from the Bible but can often be misread 2 acualy one is "and his tail swipped a 3rd of the stars from heaven" thats that vewrse and then the other about "and Michael cast out the serpent the one who is satan" and some other verses of that war. I have mixed emotions and instinct on the truth of it. (because there is also way before the Bible there was the Sumerian text speaking of a war dealing with Tiamat and Marduk. But it makes Tiamat evil as well and I KNOW tiamat is NOT well he who cannot be named)

From Azaz'el 30 Aug 2009

There is a chance that all the wars that have taken place over the millennia may become confused...... so humour me here whilst I give a recap.

The war before wars that Ish mentioned was a War that took place between all Shadow and another Race that was in existence at the same time, but this Race wanted to see the end to all of creation as we understand it today. This war was horrendous, no respecter of rank or choir, knowledge or ability. That War brought the Shadow, and the enemy, to their knees and was heading towards genocide of both Races. It was a stalemate, but we found a way to add to our strenght and we tipped the balance. The enemy was banished and the Gateway to their realm was closed. That Gateway is about to reopen, the Wards placed upon it have been weakened by age, and ironically, by the breaking of the Wards placed upon the Fallen, some of which faught in that war.

The next war was the so called 'first war in heaven' between thr Morning Star and the Shadow. He was covenanted to carry out a specific task, but some of the details were changed and when he confonted them about this, he was cast out, with all of his command.

The 'second war in heaven' took place on Earth, and was the battel between the Grigori and the Shadow, when we were all tortured, butchered and then exiled to prisons that caused us pain beyond belief. But the second war didn't end there.... for amny more years some Shadow saught out those who supported us, tried to speak on our behalf and have the bonds broken. A large number of Shadow have beceom Fallen since then.

The third war is supposed to be a war in whcih brother will fight brother, whilst the old enemy creeps throught the gate. We're here now to make sure this doesn't happen.

Or, as I have recently had discussions with Ish about ...... maybe the old enemy need to return in order to bring about a wake up call and perhaps herald our ascention? Now that's controversial!!!! LOL


From Ouza 30 Aug 2009

"Or, as I have recently had discussions with Ish about ...... maybe the old enemy need to return in order to bring about a wake up call and perhaps herald our ascention? Now that's controversial!!!! LOL"

Don't ask for anything you don't want because you just might get it!

First war --- yes, definitely !!!
Second war --- yes, definitely !!!
Third war --- "Not if, I have anything to do with it" !!!

Nobody and I mean Nobody is going to get past my watch !!!


From Eshtar 31 Aug 2009

ok now I am concidered freaked and I am a Shadow (Melek o forget the words lol) yes I do rely alot on the Necronomicon as much as I never use there is something from it that reasonates about the ones who must not be named well return. (Ya i know sounds like Harry Potter) I'll give it here.

Long before mankind existed, the Old Ones trod upon the Earth. They worshiped the Elder Gods and served them as slaves, but in time, the Old Ones gained the knowledge of dark magic and dared to use their sinister powers against their masters. The wrath of the Elder Gods was merciless and terrible, and those who rebelled against them were banished to distant dimensions and imprisoned deep within the darkest recesses of the Earth. In deathless sleep, the Old Ones dream and lie in wait for the time when they shall rise again, for when the stars come right, they shall awaken from their aeon-old slumber. Then shall they return to hold dominion over our world once more, bringing woe and destruction unto mankind.

From his Black Throne at the center of ultimate chaos, Azathoth, the lord of madness and the abyss, reigns supreme over all time and space. For he is the master of all that dwells in the darkness.

To Nyarlathotep must all things be told. For he is the messenger between the spheres, and the traveller between the realms of the living and the dead. He shall summon forth the Ancient Ones and wake them from their deathless slumber. Then shall the elder signs be shattered and the Lords of Darkness be released.

From across the black seas of infinity and beyond the mists of time, Yog-Sothoth watches and waits. For he is the guardian of the gateway between worlds, and he alone holds the key to unlock the gate. For when the ancient rites have been spoken, and the Lords of Darkness have been awakened and summoned forth, then shall the gateway between the stars open once more. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth.

artwork by Joseph Vargo

Behold mighty Dagon, the great leviathan, risen from the black depths of the eternal sea. For he is the avatar of Cthulhu, who lies dreaming in deathless slumber in his ancient temple in R'lyeh.

Hail mighty Cthulhu, high priest of the Great Old Ones. For when the stars come right, he shall rise from his ancient tomb to signal their return. Then shall the Ancient Ones, long ago banished to the outer spheres, break free from their prisons and plunge from the stars to claim the Earth once more. For those who lurk at the threshold of our world are ever vigilant for the time of their return.

From the wells of night to the gulfs of space, let it be known, The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are and the Old Ones shall be. Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, Tsa Thoggua, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth, Dagon, Cthulhu. Man rules now where They ruled once; They wait patient and potent, for here shall They reign again.

(this is from the Nox Arcana site) When it says when the stars Align, I have fear why? because some scientists discovered but are still investigating, that there will be a planetary alignment when? 2012 and the alignment will be a perfect one...I fear this may be the war of that not so distant future. I sure hope I am wrong. Thanks for speaking some of the past wars.

From Ishtahar 31 Aug 2009

What will be must be. The question is... will we be ready to face it?

We MUST unite. We MUST find each other. We MUST stand together. It is not a matter of Do I want? or Do I dare? or Do I Belive?

United we stand, divided we fall... simple as. The time is passing for treading gently.

From Ouza 31 Aug 2009

No matter what the time or what the place or even all the varied interpretations of what may have been all I see, is right now and who and what we are at this moment in time and space. And what pray tell, is most the most important matter to me... love as a binding force and the use of all and any negative or positive experience gained from our past lives. Remember, I said nothing and I mean nothing, is wasted or lost except for translation. All of this is of course for the safety and well being of my friends and family and of course Gaia.

A Rock is a Rock no matter what language you may try to interpret or describe it as! Let us stand steadfast together with a good solid foundation to carry us through this and all of the troubled times to follow as a completed whole!

All and I mean all of the world religions and philosophies have their own share of varied symbolisms that they think and feel may or may not be the case! But in my own personal opinion, it is to always be prepared to live each day at a time to its fullest and to be as realistic as possible in all matters of life especially these at this moment in time!

But of course we can go and be be far fetched in our interpretations, emotions or even feelings but the truth be known , it makes you want to think or even wonder what this truly is all about and about what in fact is... are we truly alone in this so called universe of ours!

If what you say is true then, I myself feel that it is most important that we should take the appropriate precautions in order to be more prepared for whatever and whenever this puppy is going to happen! And that we, of course have our ducks ultimately in line!

If we fall short or make mistakes so be it and I know from experience people will call us loonies for what we think and truly believe in but come Hel and High Water, I and my family and friends are in it for the long run to whatever supposedly is going to happen next through these current trying times of ours!

Choose wisely with... Faith, Serenity and Discernment and you'll never go wrong!

Ouza 333

"We are not alone"

From Azaz'el 31 Aug 2009

In my opinion the time for treading gently has passed, has gone. There will be much that takes place over the next few years, much of it on a higher, spiritual level, much will filter down to the physical level. We have almost 3 years to prepare and become ready.

The time to start in now.


From Scratch 1 Sep 2009

Hell, I'll even say the time is here, to either jump on the bandwagon or let the wheels roll over. Has anyone else been noticing a definite forcing of answers to uncomfortable questions?

From Ouza 1 Sep 2009

In Military Terms it's called being given a "Wake-up Call and being put on High Alert". No one and I mean no one is to stand idly by and allow this thing to even begin or happen without possibility of either good or bad repercussions (cause and effect)<---Being prepared for whatever or where ever the circumstances may or may not bring is called being on constant full alert!

We stand both sound and strong and always must adhere to the statement "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!",<--- Kind of John Wayne-ish... but you get my drift!

"Not to scare anyone but to be totally aware and prepared for any or all plausible consequences that may or may not arise or occur!


"We are not standing alone on this one... there are others"

p.s. Our team and families safety and well being will always be first and foremost... top priority! We stand strong... as a whole! Believe it or not, we are this time around the good guys!

From Azaz'el 1 Sep 2009

Oh there are so many uncomfortable issues being brought to the surface right now, and we are being made to face a lot......... but all to be cleared and to make us stronger.

At least that's the idea ........ mad.gif


From Scratch 2 Sep 2009

::laughs:: Thanks! It's happening for me at least. Terrifying at the time, but oh so much better.

From Lilian Dreamwalker 5 Jan 2010

I see that The Necromonation seems to play part in this topic and I felt drawn to do a tarot reading with my Necromonation Tarot deck... Um I hope you guys don�t mind, I know this thread kinda died in September but I feel this needs to be said... and I'm sorry I didn't ask first. I know alot of people dislike Tarot and they dislike it even more when its used without prior premision, but something told me to do a reading over what was said in this topic... about the war.

Past � Eight of swords � Feeling stuck, Ignorance, Interference, bad news, fear. This is severe limitation and restriction. It may be difficult to understand how you got here and how to get free. In many cases the restriction is self-imposed.

Present � Ishtar (XVII Star) �Idealism, Self-discovery, Sense of purpose, liberation, Peace, clear vision, Spiritual gifts, Insight, premonition. The Star represents hope and inspiration that can be found from both the divine and the inner self. Unexpected help may come if you are true to yourself.

Future (Two cards popped out for this, Two very different cards) � Eight of cups �Tempory success, diminished feelings, Loneliness, instability. This card represents moving away from the present situation on to the next stage. It is time to move on when you are drained instead of energised by your activates.
-Two of wands = authority, control, success, bold ambitions, negotiation, planning, preparation, partnership, vision, self assured. A window of opportunity is presented, but in order to seize that opportunity it will take leadership, vision and decision making. Keep your intentions clear.

Okay... I�m a little freaked out. I haven�t had a reading that felt this strong before.
And I feel the need to repeat the last bit, -Keep your intentions clear-

From Azaz'el 5 Jan 2010

Keep your intentions clear............. a very inportant message and understanding but something that can be very difficult to do in todays world and with all the pressures that exist to conform, to opt for the easier path or quiet life.

It's very easy to be brow beaten to conform and walk the path others want and cloud all intentions ........ but focus must be kept and the wider picture always aimed for, regardless of what we as individuals may feel or want.

I have no problem with you reading the cards for us....... I am a reader myself but spend so much of my time reading for others that it's nice to just sit back and listen rather than search. So, thank you.


From Razi'el 6 Jan 2010

that is very interesting, and i, like Az, also use Tarot cards. they can be a powerful tool, and they have always worked well for me. though if i may ask, purely out of curiosity of course; why did you draw four cards, rather than staying with the traditional three for a basic reading? there have been times when i have done that myself on a sort of instinct, and i was just wondering if that was the case here?

From Ishtahar 6 Jan 2010

Souds like the intention was three Raz but it just happened that two fell out on the last one. That happens to me sometimes... never ignore the one that makes itself felt unexpectedly that is often the most powerful.

I am also a tarot reader, unsurprisingly. You never have to ask permission to post anything here and if you are felt drawn to do a reading then by all means do it.

This a place of learning and discovery so the more information shared the better.

Thank you for that. It is certainly thought provoking. Hehe the present is all about me me me smile.gif *gulp*

From Lilian Dreamwalker 6 Jan 2010

Like Ishtahar said, The second card just jumped at me.
And I'm glad it didn't upset anyone. n..n

And yes the present card made me giggle at first, But The Star is such a powerful card. The hope after the fall of the Tower. Oh and i found an image of it on the interwebs n..n
[user posted image= http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/_img/necronomicon-06119.jpg]
It must be one of my favourite cards out of this deck. Powerful message and image.

From Azaz'el 6 Jan 2010

Looks just like you Ish.



From Dreamsend 7 Jan 2010

I agree with Ish... I never felt that the thread "died" but that it fell silent.... Thanks for adding more to thoughts however old they may be, and definitely post post post. The more we share the more we gain, ja?

I have to comment on the "Keep your intentions clear." Very important. The acceleration of these times essentially means that most of us, especially those "close to the ether" are having more direct access to the means of manifestation -- instant manifestation through thought, will, *intention*. I totally agree that we for our own individual benefits need to keep our intentions clear and I would add *name your desires*. This is a nebulous time where creations are made through clarity and focus.

Failing to define *what you want* will eventually give the intentions of others permission to create for you.

Basically, what happens is there is a void and if you don't put anything there, anything can rush in.

*Name your desires*... keep what you want, the events that are ideal to you, your fantasies and dreams and goals at the forefront of your mind and the future will turn out well. I'm not usually this verbose suddenly but it's a very important and recently appearing point you've highlighted and I wanted to *double-underscore* it, lol.

From Ishtahar 27 Jan 2010

tongue.gif to Az... I wish smile.gif

From Scratch 27 Jan 2010

Whoa! Thanks for the reading Lilian, especially since it happened to fall on my birthday. I'm surprised I didn't notice the activity on this thread until tonight, especially with the important stuff being said.

Those last two cards rang a gong inside my head. I was writing earlier about how there seems to be an energetic polarization taking place with people: they're either focusing intentions and making the necessary effort, or nose-diving in attempts to cling to bad habits. What those cards said to me is that each individual's future is because of their choice, and which they choose depends on whether they ultimately want illusions of success, or to own it. Keeping intentions clear, and not stopping with less, seems to be the crux of that choice.
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PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found   ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found EmptyFri Apr 30, 2010 6:42 am

Okay, this thread was VERY informative. I'll need to go back later to re-read it more thoroughly when I'm not under a time crunch, but it did answer a lot of my initial questions about the Old Enemy, the Ancient War, and and other events/issues. Thanks to the powers-that-be (Dreams'End?) for bringing it back from the depths of the old forum and into the new one!

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PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found   ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found EmptyFri Apr 30, 2010 5:11 pm

I'm glad the timing was right! I tried to post this three times through and some weird technological glitch happened the first two times, so I thought maybe I just better wait and see when it would stop giving me problems o_o. Third time's the charm! LOL

There are hundreds of posts on the old forum and we've just scratched the surface in transferring them over, but you're very welcome =)
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ARCHIVE: saint Michael, this necklace i found
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