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PostSubject: Mates   Mates EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 8:49 am

I've seen on a few other threads that people talk about their other halves/soulmates/mates so I decided to create this thread so we have them all in one place.

Did you have a mate? If so, what were they like?

If I remember correctly, my mate's name was a music note. We couldn't pronnounce it because we weren't the same species, so I called him something that sounds like Shamahar. He was male and I remember him being very, very white. His aura and energy were almost blindingly white. He had 5 or 6 crystal tendrils on his back and was very much humanoid apart from his features. He was quite obviously not human. He was almost skull-like, but a bit more human. He began working with the Source as what we called a Reaper but broke off after a while. Whether he didn't work or worked for someone else I don't know. He had limited speech but could speak in feelings. He collected souls for the Source and was very useful in battles; he was energy; he just needed to raise his hand and an army would be wiped out. I met him when I was doing my duty of guarding the Tree of Life, and he was in the garden sitting peacefully. When I spoke to other angelics about him they just smirked and called him the Soul Stealer, said he was odd and that he was older than us all.
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PostSubject: Re: Mates   Mates EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 4:40 pm

I had a mate who has persisted with me over many lifetimes. He was Shadow, I was not. However, he had lives before he was Shadow. I'm of the persuasion that there have been several versions... several universes. This is one, and all the current mythos that we follow lies within it. However there was one before this one (and one before that one - I don't remember going back to that one though), which eventually collapsed in on itself I guess. In that one all I remember is a tropical "Eden" (in the biblical sense) world, where everything was in perfect harmony. We lived there, I was a goddess-type, he was a god-type. And then, something... fire, ruin, panic, pain. The world is dying, and we cannot stop it. He saves me, sends me away from that world, stays to die on it.

That was the beginning of our separation.

In this universe I persisted as goddess-type, he was born of a god. As Shadow. I don't remember when first we met. I have memories (after the betrayal of the gods and the scattering of the feminine goddesses... I existed on this world as a shard of who I had been, and lived with the Sidhe in Faery and in the great cities that they created with others, as a "priestess." Everyone but me knew what I had been, what I still was in some ways :\ Which was probably why I found myself in so many troubling situations) of meeting him and one other in Murias, showing them the wonders of the Sidhe world, as ambassadors...

Shortly after, I was sent to follow them. Don't know why. We spent wonderful days in around present-day Scotland, or England, days filled with musicmaking and trooping and stories around the fire. I became "one of the group" of these Shadow, many of whom I know here ... As Shadow, it was during this time, that he came to me as a lover. I followed his lead and we were very much in love, although it was considered "unnatural." We left for Eden (in present-day Iraq or therabouts, I think, I may be wrong), a large city that I was not prepared for... Some terrible things happened there, and I think he and I "fled" or were sent back to Scotland or thereabouts (Albion). More terrible things happened there, I was killed (again) and split into pieces. The one who lived retreated into Faery, and did not recognize him anymore, though he still knew me.

Years and years. Perhaps some wars. Then the war of the Grigori, over the children of the humans and Shadow. Faery would not fight... well, no, the Sidhe would not fight. So I went alone, because I owed a bond to Azaz'el and my other friends from the days of Albion. I was too late, and grieved until I realized that other children of the Shadow and humans had not been slaughtered. So I searched for them, to try to shelter them, raise them, but I was usually too late.

One day, searching, I felt "a call" - telepathy, someone who had sensed my presence in that world, and wanted me to "help fight" in a Shadow city in that world, where a fierce battle was being fought, which I guess eventually destroyed the city. I flew to that city to find the fighting, the buildings on fire, water everywhere, up to my ankles. In the middle of battle, he stumbled upon me. I still did not know him, he still knew me. He fell and I thought he was dying, and a part of me remembered him then. Then the Gates were closed and I lost my mind. I don't remember much after that except for fury and killing others who perhaps did not deserve to be killed. ....

Eventually we entered human forms, and the cycle continued lifetime after lifetime. Come together, separated by death. Come together, separated by death. I think the cycle started in that previous universe, and we have not discovered how to end it yet. I think that he is on this world, though I have not figured out where exactly. So if we were to meet in this lifetime, would the cycle truly end? I think or hope so.

He was Azra'el and I am the goddess Ashtart, who came to dwell in Sidhe.
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PostSubject: Re: Mates   Mates EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 8:25 pm

Hmmm.... I too have memories of a time before time. In a place far removed from this one. Perhaps this other universe of yours Ash. So far as some kind of eternal "soul" mate... I also have memories of a specific soul that might be called as such, though the details of these memories are lost inside my mind in some dark corner, better left I think, alone. There are flashes of being with this person, still alive in my memories, though a face or a name always eludes me. I have encountered this person in this very time, in this very life. I, Malphas, before I fell into Shadow, was before, Tzaqi'el. Gods vengance personified. The righteous anger of the source itself. I remember falling in love with a human woman, I remember her scent, the way her skin felt against mine, the way I felt when I was with her, but I do not remember her face or her name... funny how memories work eh? She was lost to me in that time during the great deluge sent to wipe the Nephilim from this world. I remember being imprisoned for a time, through the combined efforts of gabri'el and micha'el. Such was the fate of most if not all of the Grigori methinks though I could be wrong. For several human lifetimes we were entombed as such, somewhere here, on this plane, this world... some other of the Shadow I think arranged for our release... perhaps we were even released by one of the two who imprisoned us... I've heard rumors that it was Micha'el himself that freed us. In any event, I sought after the one to whom I still feel bound for centuries until finally being reunited with her here, in this time. Through my many flaws, I have lost her again. Now I must wait for another time to know her once more... Kamelot-The Haunting: "somewhere in time I will find you and haunt you again, like the wind sweeps the earth. Somewhere in time when no virtues are left to defend, you fall in deep. I was a liar in every debate, I rule the forces that fueled you hate. When the cold in my heart leaves it comes to an end, and silently I go to sleep..."
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PostSubject: Re: Mates   Mates EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 10:17 pm

I think most these days are well aware of my relationship with my soul mate Dani'el. There's nothing new to say other than I still miss him and still wait for him.


Hope fades into the world of night
Through Shadows falling out of memory and time...
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