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 recent event that i had happen

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recent event that i had happen Empty
PostSubject: recent event that i had happen   recent event that i had happen EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 10:33 pm

about a week ago i had a dream that i was being attacked and the beings attacking me were demons, the dream is not really that important as what they said. They told me to join the darkness now or die, when i told them to screw off by killing them in the dream one of them said before they fell that "were coming for you and you can't stop us".

3 days later i was in a vehicle rollover and i came 2 inches from having my head smashed against a tree. These beings keep attacking me and call me a Nasci, I have no idea what that is but this is the 5th time i have almost been killed and something has saved me. when the vehicle rolled over I saw a gate with nordic ruins and a bridge that was welcoming me but when i looked at my body i saw 4 angels holding me and I heard them tell me to come back because its not time yet. I don't know who has it out for me but the fact that i had that dream and i saw that gate means it was no symbollic if anyone knows what is going on and what this darkness and fire is that is supposed to be coming please help me understand it. Very Happy
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recent event that i had happen
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