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PostSubject: Taliel   Taliel EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 9:48 pm

I remember—remembered, no more than half an hour ago actually, and all of a sudden too—a short memory.

I was with Shuzari in the middle of a grassy field, the sun still rising. "Rest," I said to him, with a smile. From the memory, I get the feeling that there was some sort of battle the day before that the two of us had participated in. "Rest and relax," I repeated shortly after, just for emphasis, and I lowered myself to one knee beside where he lay pondering as I said this. He seemed troubled about something, and I wanted him to calm himself and relax. I could tell that he was very deeply troubled and that he wouldn't relax until he had what he wanted: absolute knowledge of what he was so concerned about.

Finally, I stood, heaved a weary sigh, and turned away from him, walking a few steps forward. Then I told him, my tone melancholy "Taliel's verdict was passed down today: ... He's to Fall at sunset..."

Shuzari's only response was a soft, sad, "... I see..."

Who exactly is Taliel? What happened that resulted in his Fall? Was there some sort of battle the day before his Fall? If so, did it have anything to do with Taliel either directly or indirectly? And why was Taliel given a verdict at all? Was he charged of some sort of crime?

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