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 ARCHIVE: Introduction, or something like one.

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ARCHIVE: Introduction, or something like one. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Introduction, or something like one.   ARCHIVE: Introduction, or something like one. EmptyThu May 06, 2010 11:06 am

From Lael 3 Dec 2007

I just realized I never made a proper introduction post. And this one isn't going to be much of one, either. I'll (re)introduce myself with something I wrote today, that I also wanted to share with those of you who care to read. I know Az has read my poetry before; let's hope this quasi-intro doesn't disappoint, either.

fall through the seasons

in the wings she lost there lies history untold
pictures painted in dried trails of blood
the one that wore a mask for mortals to behold
turned into a mortal by decrees of god

down she fell, to where the wingless fall
clutching the feathers she ripped with her hands
so began the journey of an immortal soul
in search of redemption to unchartered lands

she did not look back at those she left behind
though tears stung like thorns in unseeing eyes
then she knew her soul had also turned blind
and what she called love was need in disguise

she knew those who fall are bound to forget
that they would seal off her memory of home
she did not yet know the taste of regret
nor the hollow ache that was yet to come

so passed the years of her life on the edge
between the two worlds not so far apart
t'was in the fall she remembered her pledge
a windstorm aroused the need of her heart

in fragmented memories she searched for her name
the angel behind her whispered words unknown
blessings and curses sounded all the same
and fate left her standing shattered and alone

deathwishes haunted her mind through the spring
the ties to both worlds pulled each its own way
she pleaded for help to forget everything
the riddles of life drawn in shades of gray

death unearthed her soul one cold summer night
from beneath the layers of tears, flesh and bone
it promised reprieve, yet she chose to fight
from fire-cleansed feathers her soul rose reborn

now others guard her, though she cannot feel them
even far from home one thing still holds true:
mortals draw strength from things that do not kill them
earthbound souls of angels - from those that do.

December 3rd, 2007

Well met. ;-)

From Azaz'el 3 Dec 2007

Well met indeed Lael, that is truly amazing and inspiring. I am curently a failed writer... or in other words I have not yet been published. But where as I take thousands of words to portray an image and an emotion, you manage to encompass it with so few. You have a rare gift and I am honoured that you have chosen to share it with us.

"mortals draw strength from things that do not kill them
earthbound souls of angels - from those that do."

Ah, you know it so well. Thank you again, and any time you feel like sharing others with us, please feel free. They stir up a lot of emotions but are a pleasure tro read. Many thanks,


From Lael 4 Dec 2007

Thank you. biggrin.gif I'm glad it was enjoyable, all things considered. Mm, I've been feeling quite detached from myself lately, hence the poetry; it tends to do a good job helping me keep everything that matters in sight.

From Ishtahar 4 Dec 2007

Thank you Lael. It is true that sometimes it is those with the least to say who have the most to convey. That poem was inspiring. I have also had the priviledge of looking at your Deviant Art site. Both the pictures and the poetry there are truly wonderful. As Az said, you have a true gift and we are all richer for you having shared it with us. biggrin.gif

From Lael 4 Dec 2007

Thank *you*, for reading and your kind words. smile.gif

I have quite a lot of bad angsty poetry and other things that never made it past the tightest filter on my livejournal... perhaps I should share it elsewhere sometime, after all. ;-)

From Azaz'el 4 Dec 2007

Share it - if you have written it then it now exists and the Universe is ready to hear it.


From Lael 5 Dec 2007

QUOTE (Azazel @ Dec 5 2007, 01:21 AM)
"Share it - if you have written it then it now exists and the Universe is ready to hear it."


Ahh but see, the universe might be ready to hear it (and boy, has it had its share already when no one else would listen tongue.gif), but that doesn't necessarily make me ready to share it. ;-) Some are very personal. But I might - thanks for the encouragement.

From Ishtahar 5 Dec 2007

I know what you mean. There is a lot of things I have written that I am certainly not ready for ANYONE, let alone strangers to be let loose on.

Whenever you are ready to share we are ready to read.
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ARCHIVE: Introduction, or something like one.
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