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 Side Lovers

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PostSubject: Side Lovers   Side Lovers EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 11:42 pm

Back in the day (our time, long ago) it seems that polyamory was completely acceptable (as was certain types of incest; it will soon be clear why I'm mentioning that), and it seems that it even may have been somewhat common at the very least.

I remember that even when I was with the Earthkeeper Shuzari, I additionally had side relations with one of the Firekeepers (Nuruun), and even my own brother, the Birthkeeper (Seraakeu). However, the relationships with THEM weren't true polyamory.

You see, amidst the Keepers at least, there are two types of beings to have sex with: your soulmate, and those you trust deeply. The sex one has with their soulmate, however, is different from the sex one would have with a deeply trusted friend or sibling. Sex with one's soulmate was about the eternal bond of love between them, about SHOWING how much one cares for their soulmate, about showing that one loves and trusts their soulmate enough to let their very SOULS touch and caress, and it was about maintaining that bond...

Somewhat similarly, the sex between a trusted one is more about the expressing, building, further establishing, and maintaining the trust between them. Basically, it was a social thing and nothing more. There were no romantic feelings between the two (so I suppose "side LOVER" is a bit of a misnomer), but there was always some element of deep trust between the beings in question. Also, despite the social aspect of it, there is most often a mutual physical attraction along with those feelings of trust.

To make it at least somewhat clearer, I would occasionally have sex with Seraakeu. I love him dearly, I love him with all my heart... but I love him as my BROTHER... Plus, I've always found him pretty attractive... XD

So there IS a trust and love between the two, just not a ROMANTIC love. If and when this was done, it was, in a nutshell, "Look. You're pretty sexy, and I trust you a LOT, definitely enough to have sex with you."

On a related note, I had three lovers in the day: my soulmate, my brother, and a good friend... XD

Sadly, society has... changed quite a bit... By this society's standards, I would've been classified as a total slut. It's pretty sad that a lot of what used to be considered perfectly okay, and WAS perfectly okay is both rejected and looked down upon now, especially a lot of sex-related stuff...

Has anyone else had side lovers back in the day? Anyone who wants to share? And what was the general view/your view on sex with any side lovers depending on the society in particular you were from (mostly Shadow society, I suppose ^^")?

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PostSubject: Re: Side Lovers   Side Lovers EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 11:11 am

Actually, in certain communities, polyamory today is still perfectly acceptable. Incest is a bit different, I mean, there's health problems with the fact that your kid could be messed up. Other than that I don't care what goes on between two consenting adults.

Sure things were different back then, there was no society to brainwash people into what is right and what is wrong. We all seemed to know what was acceptable and what was not.

I've always been monogomous. It seems being polyamerous wasn't for me in any lives. I loved more people than Raziel in the same way that I loved him but nothing sprouted from that.


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Side Lovers
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