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 What this journey through reality is all about!

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What this journey through reality is all about! Empty
PostSubject: What this journey through reality is all about!   What this journey through reality is all about! EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 10:01 pm

A true reality unfolds within your being when you least expect it. Many things of the material life will cause you to stumble down the road of destruction. Your inner self. that fragment of Creation within, will lead you back through the infinite might of your spirit. Your spirit knows the path of truth, unfortunately sometimes your physical life keeps getting in the way through addictions, untruth, negative thoughts and influences of people following a path of self-destruction. Contained within yourself is an immortal being that has lived thousands if not millions of years, and has all the knowledge of your past existences that was gained, for you to use within the present incarnation. When you recognize your fragment of Creation within yourself, you begin to change your world around you in such a way that it is noticed by others around you. Do bear in mind that this path of truth is not an easy path. It is full of great negativity and distress at times, that can be overcome by putting into practice knowledge that is gained. Your transformation in this sacred reality happens the more accepting you are of the transformation within. Each day that unfolds can bring new knowledge unknown before from within.

There are many others also on this path of transitional awareness, learning new knowledge each day.

A love can be found for all things if it is in truth. Not a "touchy", "feel good" kind of love, a creational kind of love that is infinitely beautiful, kind of like the most beautiful creature or event you have ever witnessed in your life, a creational kind of love.
Listen to your spirit within, in a neutral type of thought, your spirit knows the ways of creational existence in your true reality...
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What this journey through reality is all about!
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