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 When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates

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When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates Empty
PostSubject: When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates   When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates EmptyTue Nov 13, 2012 11:28 pm

I once told Capsha that I would make a thread about this, so I'm doing it now. XD

Anyway, it started as a pretty ordinary day. I was sitting underneath a tree amongst trees, just relaxing and enjoying the breeze and the daylight that filtered through the forest canopy.

I was doing nothing otherwise, so my mind began to wander. Shuzari and I were, at the time, still courting each other. We were making progress slowly but surely. Yes, we knew there were something there—something beautiful—from the very moment we first looked into each other's eyes, but we wanted to take things one step at a time.

We had kissed, yes, chastely. And we had also kissed not-so chastely, but up until that point in time, it hadn't led to anything sexual. As a matter of fact, if things were about to get sexual, we would always just stop kissing before we lost control... and we would just be there catching our breath, looking at each other shyly, a dark, lustful glaze in our eyes.

It was clear that we wanted each other, but something just... made us hold back. The look in our eyes... it was something akin to, "I want you, but I don't know how to go about it... and I'm scared of fucking something up" We didn't know what would happen if we lost control... We were scared that we would ruin what we had...

In any case, Shuzari had verbally confessed his love for me only a few days before that... very fateful day. I remember him asking me to meet him in a field early, just after the sunrise those few days before. The day was balmy and it was plesantly breezy. When I came to him, I just... I remember him raising his hand in front of him, his elbow slightly bent, and his palm sticking straight up, and then he quietly told me that he loves me.

That gesture that Shuzari made? At least among the Keepers, it's a gesture typically made at some point during the courtship process; it's meaning is akin to, "I love you... Do you love me back?" When the gesture is made after courtship is over and the couple is "official", its meaning remains the same, but becomes playful in the context of the situation.

When the gesture is made in the context of a courtship, the other person is to either reject the confession and thus show that they do not feel the same way, or they are to accept it and show reciprocation by making the same gesture, pressing their palm to their courtship partner's, and then the two will intertwine their fingers together.

When Shuzari made the gesture... my heart was pounding; absolutely POUNDING, hard and fast...

I just stared at him dumbfoundedly for a couple of seconds, replaying his words, the "I love you, Melari." so many times, hundreds, thousands, millions of times over and over and over in my head. I was literally breathless. Just hearing him say that he loves me was the most beautiful sound that I had EVER heard... It made my heart shatter and it made the pieces reunite countless times it was so beautiful to hear... And it felt like all of the things i just described were happening all at once, over and over. It felt like hours, days, months—did time even matter anymore?—had passed... But I somehow managed to snap myself out of my trance after only seconds later... And then I reciprocated the gesture, Slowly, tenderly placing my palm flat against his, then weaving my fingers between his and squeezing lightly, then Shuzari squeezed lightly in turn.

Then his eyes met mine. His eyes softened and he smiled this beautiful smile and then he drew me into his arms, and we embraced for who-knows how long.

Heh... Anyway, back to what was at the time present day.

So my mind began to wander, and they wandered to Shuzari. I thought of the time we had spent together... But soon enough, I began imagining things... very dirty things...

I soon felt myself becoming very aroused, and did what most anyone would do when presented with such a situation while alone and pretty much no one in either the immediate or distant area. I think you can figure out what it was I did.

So I did that, and finished, but the sensation of arousal didn't go away; if anything, it had gotten more powerful. So I did the obvious again... and again, and eventually, I was just EXTREMELY uncomfortable, extremely aroused and no way to alleviate it; when I tried to alleviate it, it just became ten times worse.

I finally just stood, and desperate for relief, I did the only thing I could think of to do: I called out Shuzari's name. I sensed for him, and shakily hobbled, looking for him and desperately shouting his name.

Shuzari had been able to sense that something was off with me, and so he in turn began to search for me. At some point, he was starting to feel a bit aroused himself, and at some point, found a hot spring. Something—an instinct of sorts—told him that I was headed in his direction and that I wasn't hurt or anything, so he decided to just soak in the hot spring for a while and wait for me.

As I got closer and closer, I began to smell Shuzari's scent as opposed to just sensing his energy, so I followed the scent on unsteady legs, clawing at my arms and holding them tightly all the while to just keep from touching myself more than I already had.

Finally, I saw him in the distance and ran for him, bumping into a few trees along the way, shouting his name again.

I arrived at the hot spring, panting and shaking. Shuzari got out of the spring, and he didn't ask what was wrong... Instead, he asked me, "How can I help?" His eyes seemed to hold that same lustful glaze in them that I had seen so often, and that I was sure my eyes held. It was like Shuzari knew exactly how I was feeling and had somehow caught that same lust that I was experiencing

Oh, it was quite the question, plus he was completely naked. And in my mind, it only had one appropriate answer... I couldn't stay standing anymore, so I dropped to my knees. Then, I looked up at him and, shakily and softly, I told him, straight out, "I want you to fuck me."

It was mostly silent, but I heard him take several raspy breaths. He went to his knees, and grasped my chin lightly, tilting it slightly upwards with the fingers of one hand. Without speaking, he kissed me, deeply. Then he carefully pushed me down and... we did the very thing I asked him for...

Despite my initial wording, he knew exactly what I had meant. What we did together then wasn't just about alleviating my—our—rampant lust; it was... it was EVERYTHING. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced, and through it, I could feel our hearts beat in synchronicity, and I felt our very souls touch... It felt like our souls were along the same rythmic wavelength as the motions made... It was THE most beautiful thing I had ever experienced, even more so than Shuzari telling me for the first time that he loved me...

Afterwards, we had fallen asleep. The sun had almost finished setting by then.

When we woke up, Shuzari was partially atop me. He woke up shortly after I did. After a few moments of silence, he asked me the question that was just kinda hanging in the air, "... Melari, what are we?"

To which I replied, "What do you want us to be...?"

Then Shuzari said, "I want you to be my soulmate... And I want to be yours."

Then I smiled and whispered, "... I think we already are..."

And we could feel it in our hearts that we were and are soulmates... So then he smiled back and kissed me, and we made love again.

What had happened the night before is a phenomenon know as "The Lust" It's a rare and unusual phenomenon that seems to be the Universe's way of saying, "You two are soulmates! Hurry up, realize that, and be happy together!"

And, well... that's how Shuzari and I came to realize that we're forever meant to be.


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When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates   When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 4:31 pm

When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates Tumblr_lfmm19ew0r1qcfqc0o1_500

Pretty much sums it up.

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When Shuzari and I first realized that we are soulmates
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