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 The Morninglark

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PostSubject: The Morninglark   The Morninglark EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 2:29 am

Hey I don't quite get how this site works, I posted this in the other poetry section too, but a lot of it has to do with my past, present, and future, and to an extent, all our futures.

Deposited upon new shores,
the slave becomes the king,
missing his home, those shallow grey moors,
The morning lark hereupon sings,
of his past, of lands unknown,
beating the ground with clipped wings,
revealing on earth its future home,

A bird of land,
banned from skies,
virtuous demands,
are all he cries,
a song so sweet,
that he cannot hear,
a gong to beat,
to make him appear,
the messenger for unheard prayers,
a humble shield against despair,

The father gone,
his blessing growing,
upon his lawn the seams are showing,
knots and tangles hold him here,
untying with a practiced beak,
turning tail feathers away from fear,
it's banished when he speaks

But how sad is his beautiful croon,
missing his lover, his heart in the moon,
beaming down upon his back,
the noose that traps slowly gains slack,
until slipping the knot,
the ties that bind become taut,

Oh but when he sings of love,
how similarly he sounds to the dove,
but louder now,
bound for golden skies,
he sows the ground,
with each buried seed he cries,
the song of David, its hallowed words,
reside in his heart, heart of all birds
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The Morninglark
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