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 memory of a war

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PostSubject: memory of a war   memory of a war EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 4:51 pm

I had a dream last night of a war it was between the rebels they had taken to a new tactic of ripping the wings off their enemies and cutting their thumbs off so they could not fight . It had angered us very much because we were not using cruel methods like that. The rebels had taken up camp at a temple left abandoned in a realm far back in a region a that not many used. Uriel had ordered 12 squads to go and destroy this camp and use any means necessary I was not in a squad nor was I in any of the the ranks sent there but I was told to go along with 12 others of my just in case. I wore my black cloak and my armor carrying my double spear naganita. I was told not to let anyone but the captains know I and the other 12 were coming along the captains name was. Soriel he was not happy that we were even their because he knew of our way of fighting and how it looks to those who don't practice the ways of the blood in combat. We hung back and let him do his battle the way he wanted too. We did not advise nor did we help, soriel and his group had just taken over a temple that was being held by the rebels and was being held for executions but everyone angels that went in there was dieing of poison. I and the other 12 went in and were ambushed our kind did not need to communicate to move as a team for we by ourselves were worth a squad in an army alone. There were about 40 rebels in the temple when I was told by the other destroyers to check out the chandelier. It was in the shape of a baphomet and there was an angel on the chandelier in a sacrificial manor on their poisoning the battlefield. We took him down and put that angels soul to rest and that's when we joined the battle, we were angry that someone would do this to another of our kind and we were going to make them pay in blood and death. 13 destroyers exited the temple removed their cloaks opened our 6 wings and told the angels in a voice that would blow your ear drums get off the battlefield field or die with the enemy.I called for my naganita in the ancient language unleashing the rage and thunder that I had the other 12 doing the same as lighting filled my blade I cut my arms from shoulder to wrist and let the blood circle me and I called for a dragon of fire and death to come and destroy those that stand before me. The rebels were in shock that they had angered destroyers but did not care that we were there they rushed us i can not speak for the other 12 but I dispatched all who stood before me in seconds without mercy or regard for how I did it. I called for the wolves of blood and found the leaned of the camp on a mighty monster. I held my spear ready to throw and as I threw the spear lightning struck it and it hit the monster in the for head. Without a weapon I used what I knew I ripped and tore my way to the leader getting up from his fallen mount. The leader attacked me with his sword with lightning fast speed I snapped his hand off that held his sword and turned him around ripped his wings off and armor while his neck was vulnerable I said to him and his army loud enough for all to hear rip another angels wings off and I will drink you like the rivers of the Nile and pile your bodies as a monument to my act. I sunk my fangs into his neck and drank his blood dry taking his soul with it and threw his body as his second in command who was kneeling at me as another destroyer did the same to him. The battle was over and a victory was celebrated by the army. Soriel was not happy with our methods but was happy the battle was over.

I wrote this as best I can to memory of the dream and I welcome comments Very Happy
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memory of a war
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