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 the song and the cliff

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the song and the cliff Empty
PostSubject: the song and the cliff   the song and the cliff EmptyThu Dec 27, 2012 4:23 pm

I’m falling, I jumped but I don’t care. I sigh, I’m not sure if I’m here by choice or something forced me, all I can think about is how I missed the changing of the tide, it seems like it was long ago. The ocean sang that day, I didn’t understand why though I have seen it rise and fall, but I never sang.

Such a sweet voice both calming and soothing, the still waters ran deep on this side of the cliffs. It was said to me for many years that in the depths of these waters lurked the undines, mermaids we called them. They roamed the waters calling for their mates; some of us jumped in search of these creatures, but never came up from the water. We never cried for them it was something special to have that much faith in something that couldn’t be seen.

I saw it though this time I saw her, she looked like an angel, graceful, beautiful. I know why they jumped without fear off the cliffs. I can’t explain totally how it feels to jump off knowing you could die, freeing in a sort of way, but not scary.
All I really care about is that the angel keeps singing to me. What happens next is your guess, whether or not those rocks, the angel or the tide takes me is impossible for me to guess, for right now I know she’s singing for her love, keep singing and take me home as I close my eyes.
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the song and the cliff
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