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 a memory im not sure how right it is

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a memory im not sure how right it is Empty
PostSubject: a memory im not sure how right it is   a memory im not sure how right it is EmptyTue Feb 12, 2013 5:55 pm

i had this memory today of a council meeting going on and i was angry because of its decision to do something horrible. I believe the council was called the council of 13 being that it was a room of 13 pedestals and behind them stood 40 towers representing the 40 aspects of life and death and thier meanings and the powers behind them.
the council was discussing something about the fate of the nephilim and using some book called the apografia to cleanse them, i was against thier decision to do something so horrible but they had told me that i had a duty to do regardless of how i felt that i needed to take part in the reading because the holders of the book must be in unison on this otherwise they could not exact thier right course of action in their eyes. I told them i would not support the actions of the council in sending beings down to eradicate an entire race for existing and followings its nature and its powers for something different. i think the timeline was after the fall of the grigori. so i told them i would support the council in using the book but i would not support them in the raid to destroy such beings.
My only issue was i remember what i was wearing, i was wearing a black cloak with wings folded in respect towards the council, the robe had inscriptions on it and in the cloak was a book that was bound in linings with a lock on it of ancient design bearing a symbol of a weird bird with colors of red and black surrounding it. As i was reading the book i felt some guilt about going along with the councils decision but there wasnt much of a democracy there.
i need some help sorting this one out because im trying to figure out how legit this one is since i rarely have them as of late.
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a memory im not sure how right it is
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