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 "He's not here right now."

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"He's not here right now." Empty
PostSubject: "He's not here right now."   "He's not here right now." EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 4:34 am

I had a VERY interesting dream last night, though I can't remember most of the details; for all I know, what I'm about to say IS everything there is to say. Anyway, what I CAN remember is being in my true form and going down this alleyway-like area with a stairway-like path (each step extended for a fair distance) where there was what I can best describe as a Carnival-esque celebration going on; there were stalls everywhere, crowded together and selling all sorts of things though I heeded them no mind, so I don't know exactly what they were selling. In any case, the architecture of the walls and archways, and even the cobblestones covering the ground gave me the feeling that I was in Italy. I'm assuming that that's exactly where I was. There were even some areas that resembled roads made of water that I came across, so I very well may have been in Venice.

Anyway, I went down further and further, and the further down I went, the less people there were. The cobblestone path eventually became level and there were some people sitting outside of a restaurant (there was a single building on a landmass attached to other landmasses, and it had seats and tables with large umbrellas in the center of the tables on the outside of the building). I continued to follow the path to an arched doorway that was lit up on the inside only by torches. Somehow, I knew that this was where the other Keepers resided, that they all had a room there in this cavernous cobblestone-paved space that looked more like a dungeon without caged cells than anything else. I followed what my heart was telling me and walked to the room that was Shuzari's.

I felt a presence behind me and turned around, unstartled and unsurprised as to who it was. "I'm here for Shuzari," I said.

"He's not here right now," my fellow Keeper Niriia informed me.

I became dejected, but did not falter. "Then I'll wait here for him. Is that alright?"

"Do as you wish," Niriia replied.

I then gave a slight nod and said, "Thank you."

Niriia merely murmured, "Of course." and bowed respectully before walking away, leaving me to wait for Shuzari outside of the door to his room.

He never came... At least not before I woke up.

I think there might've been more to the dream, but that's all I can remember.

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"He's not here right now."
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