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 recent meditation

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Recently I did a world tree meditation and i had some interesting results. upon climbing the world tree I was greeted by Hekate and then Lucifer and they counciled me on the things i should improve on in my life and in my path to better myself and my family. That went fine but affter that i was visited by a messenger angel telling me that i am being requested in the city of lights(I am not sure where this city was but I made sure that this was a real being and not of my subcounsis mind and I discovered that this was a real being speaking to me, so I went with the messenger. I was taken to a city of white light and upon getting there i felt a rush of cleansing light and I could feel my chakras being cleansed and healed. I was escorted to this bldg with white and black columns and there upon a throne was an angel of mighty wings and light and when i looked up at this being i felt as if i was open for all to see and this being gave me a cloak and told me a name that only i can say spiritually that if i ever need help to call on him and I shall be at your side in a moments notice. Since then i have been to this bldg 3 times and those times I was told many things that i should do to reach my dream and it shall be attained by walking the path of fire. i thanked the mighty angel i believe to be Metatron and exited the meditation with a feeling of clarity and understanding that i have never feltbefore. The reason I am writing this is to sort of do a crazy check on myself, while i have faith in myself and in my judgement i would like some outside opinion on the entire matter to better help me understand what i am seeing and feeling.
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recent meditation
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