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 The Beach and the Gate

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The Beach and the Gate Empty
PostSubject: The Beach and the Gate   The Beach and the Gate EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 9:53 pm

A gate, iron wrought and Gothic in it's appearance, overlooks a misty field. There are naked trees reaching towards the sky. Mist spills through, caressing the cheeks of her visitors. I've seen this gate a few times in dreams, and in each one I held someone's hand and took them to the other side. There was slight fear in their eyes, quickly flitting from left to right but in the end was a calm assurance. Oddly enough the scenary changed once one crosses. It becomes a lush green field with trees heavy with fruit for the hungry travelers. A spring with clear sweet water, a slight cloudy sky, and the scent of flowers and fresh air... it sounds like paradise.

The beach in this case expansive and foreboding. The moon often made the cool ocean glow with its light. The sand was warm and the starry sky was ominously clear. I feel like I often sailed across it in a large elaborate ship. Upon the shores I met someone who was half dead. I felt like I protected the this place with two others, and that few came to it's dark shores. In the back ground I can see a large fortress of some sort. Each time I see the beach I get the feeling "something happened here, something happened".  Other than that I can't remember anything else...at the moment Smile
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The Beach and the Gate
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