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By Lauri'el Apr 28 2008 -

Ehm. I don't know what to say. I used to be an angel but I wasn't grigori. Somebody once called me cherub but when I have read about them it doesn't seem to fit into my memories. And boy doesn't it sound way too glorious for my humble self. That someone referred himself as a seraphim but I never talked with him more about these things and we aren't in very good terms anymore.

I awoke around 2004 though I was in contact with a fallen back in 1996 - I know he was fallen because all the lies he told me. Great impostor. Anyway, in 2004 I started to have dreams about angels, they wanted me to go to light so badly, they came to ask me many times before I accepted the invitation. When I reached the light I came to a beach during nighttime. Michael stood there and he spoke to me about many things now forgotten but one thing I remember. He promised that there will be someone carrying me until the end and I felt how I was lifted to safe arms of an angel who was so bright that I could hardly see anything.

Since that I was troubled with earthly things (read: major depression) and I cast these things away from my mind - though I was interested in angels - I read everything I could get into my hands about them - fallen and those who still serve Father.

Now these things have returned stronger than ever and I desire to know more. Who was I? What is the reason I'm in here, in this human body? If I was fallen, why do I feel Father's love so strongly in me, why am I being carried?

Hm, yeah. That's about it. I really don't know much about my past. I just hope it will open to me.

- Lauri'el

By Azaz'el Apr 28 2008 -

Greetings Lauri'el

welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time here. Please feel free to jump in and join in any other discussions taking place. Should there be anything you're not sure about then feel free to ask and someone will be able to help. If you have any problems, please feel free to turn to one of the Moderators and we'll do our best to resolve any problems.

It was interesting to read your post and the experiences you have had with Kin. I have to say that, being one of the Fallen, I would try to point out that just because someone told you lies doesn't necessarily mean they are Fallen. There are a lot of hurt and confused Shadow and Kin out there who react with anger and frustration when they find they cannot understand all that they are and once were. But, I also have to admit that there are Shadow out there, many of whom have never Fallen, who deceive, and deliberately try to halt the awakening process. This is due to politics and power struggles which should have ended millennia ago.

You mention the Fathers love - by Father do you mean 'God?' If you do, then the fact that you still feel a link to Father / God / the Source doesn't surprise me as often the Fall we suffered was due to the power struggles of our own kind rather than as a direct decree from the Creator.

Thank you for sharing that information with us. Welcome!


By Lael Apr 28 2008 -

Fancy seeing you here, my dear. ;-)

When I mentioned this forum as a safe place, I meant it, and I hope you're never going to find anything other than kindness here.

Peace. <3

By Ishtahar Apr 28 2008 -

Welcome Lauri'el. Thank you for sharing with us.

I very much hope that, as Lael has said, you will find this a safe place to be yourself, whoever that might be.

I look forward to getting to know you and possibly to answer your questions, although probably by replacing them with new ones.

I think that many who were part of the events which surrounded the fall and the Great Cycle which it sparked off, are awakening in this time. Which side they were on is in some ways irrelevant at this time because what we are seeking here is unity of all sides, all people.

I believe that the shadow were torn apart for political purposes and after our fall many who did not fall realised this and were sorry.

We must all unite, all shadow whether fallen or not, humanity and kin. This is the time for it. So do not fear to explore who and what you are, whatever it is we will support you.


By Sari'el Apr 28 2008 -


By Ellysium Apr 29 2008 -

Greetings, Lauri'el, and welcome smile.gif

By Lauri'el Apr 29 2008 -

So. I found myself from the list of fallen angels. Not by this name, Lauri'el, but with my other given name, Tiril (or Tiriel). Hm. Fancy that. rolleyes.gif My rank wasn't told in the lists I found though.

By Dreamsend May 14 2008 -

Belatedly, I can add my welcome and pleasure to see you here =)

Pleased to meet you,
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