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 ARCHIVE: It's been a while

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ARCHIVE: It's been a while Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: It's been a while   ARCHIVE: It's been a while EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 5:25 am

By Seraphyna Jul 19 2008 -

Well I haven't been around here in a good long while...I guess since I was trying to figure out what I am exactly. I'm not really sure, but I'm back. I'm not one of the fallen, but a celestial of the balancer variety. Balancers are everything and nothing, I happen to identify as a celestial, but I suppose we don't have a kin-type or anything, we just are. As for what we are and what we do, I'll be posting a thread somewhere in the forum just about that. So here I am once more smile.gif

By Ishtahar Jul 20 2008 -

Welcome back

By Faddewr Jul 22 2008 -


By Sari'el Jul 27 2008 -

Welcome back, good to have you.

By Azaz'el Jul 27 2008 -

Yes, I am very late on this one.............. but I always get there in the end!! dry.gif

Welcome back, it's good to know you have reached the stage where you can return to our community and share whatever information you can with us.


By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

Welcome back, and it's nice to meet you, since I don't think I was here when you were before. smile.gif
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ARCHIVE: It's been a while
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