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 True Seraphims.

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PostSubject: True Seraphims.   True Seraphims. EmptyFri Jul 18, 2014 11:00 am

Anyone come in contact with these beings? they are seraphims that were not created by Yahweh like angels were, they don't classify as angelics either, they seem to have the same amount (3 sets) of wings like faux seraphim (faux seraphim is just what I call seraphim under yahweh myself included) which are a far more extensive source of light energy then us as angelics/shadow have. I am unsure if they have the same forms as us. I've only heard/met 2 (said to be only 3 existing)

I found out through my etheric projections that archangels have these forms I like to call base, berserker, and Ascended.

Base: our form we look as winged humans.

Berserker: a type of animalistic form/a high form of power give to us (demons also have this)

Ascended: a form that is a higher form of power that archangels supposedly (from memory also) never go into unless it is a dire situation (demons also have this form)
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PostSubject: Re: True Seraphims.   True Seraphims. EmptyWed Dec 24, 2014 6:01 am

If it helps i remember my form pretty clearly, my base form is that of an angel tall strong with a spear that has two swords at the end of each of spear, my armor is that of light so bright it burns those who can't vibrate at that frequency. My body is carved with blood runes and my eyes are close shut. On my right eye is the eye of horus on my left is a rose cross and my face is carved with sigils of runes and marks as wells as the rest of my body. I remember before battle each member would cut the palms of our hands open and allow the blood to fall on the ground, this was to call our servants dragons, giants and such, it was an intimidation tactic, we would command all before us as per the rules, that if you do not wish to lose your souls flee before us. Generally great quakes and natural disasters followed. We could change form as well mine was a large winged lion, which i hardly ever used. I guess you could describe the armor as the embodiment of light. We all had different kinds of weapons ours were spears and swords of bright blue searing fire. If this helps any i hope it does because i'm still working on whether this is relevant or not. There was also a badge of a lion with a lightning bolt in the background.
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True Seraphims.
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