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 ARCHIVE: Tell my team 333, I always thought it was Nothings Wasted!

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ARCHIVE: Tell my team 333, I always thought it was Nothings Wasted! Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Tell my team 333, I always thought it was Nothings Wasted!   ARCHIVE: Tell my team 333, I always thought it was Nothings Wasted! EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 7:05 am

By Ouza Feb 22 2009 -

I'm under the impression that neither of you have found Ouza yet, is this right or not? or could I be wrong? And if the both of you did what would be the first thing that you would say or do? I myself, would want it to be something like wanting to be held and hugged by the one's you've most loved and missed for so long and that are still in love with, even to this day! But that's just me!

Since Pandora's Box, I wonder what's left? I think the first thing thing to do would be to gain back the all of the love, trust and respect that has been missing for so long but has been unable to be expressed. That is until now, well at least after this so called fall from grace and into Hel (The Earth Reincarnation cycle)

So please entertain my request and enlighten me just a little bit further (and light my fire! I'm just an old seraphim, with a terrible headache, ready to do anything to get back home!)

And besides if we are, who we say we are, we'll know it!

p.s. my avatar is not, nor has it ever been neo-nazi in symbol or nature!

By Ishtahar Feb 22 2009 -

Honest answer.... I don't know.

And yes.... love doesn't change because centuries and lifetimes roll by. Nothing has changed.

What would be the first thing I'd do.... fall apart and hope that he would be there to put me back together agian. Just to look into his eyes, to hear him tell me he loves me, remembers me, wants me.

Nothing's easy, nothing's straightforward, everything hurts.

By Ouza Feb 22 2009 -

I wish that I could change back time and erase all the pain and sorrows!
It was never my intention to ever hurt anyone! I just wanted
Choice and Change for everyone! And I know... that you always knew that!

By Azaz'el Feb 22 2009 -

Greetings and welcome bronzedesk [user changed name to Ouza - ARCHIVE].

It has been some considerable time since I last heard the name Ouza being used. I think it is one that was only ever used by very old seraphim, most tended to prefer to use the title first - but that was also their way of trying to heap scorn on the one who was linked to that title. As if it ever mattered!!!!

As for finding him...... that's still to be understood. The essence is there, the specifics aren't as yet, so as is always the case, time and awakening will tell. As for what I would do........ look into his eyes, smile and hug him in welcome as it would be so good to have him back to help us all walk this path. My question I suppose would be what would he do?

As far as I can see, tell, understand and have experienced not only in this life but in the past also, is that since Pandora's box there is just greed and corruption that power so often brings. That and the hope to break open the remaining Gates and limit the understanding and potential for growth. I agree that one of the first things to do is to rediscover and perhaps re-enlighten the love and trust and honour and beauty that was there. But I did take a slightly different track........ that was to re-unite first. I believe that many of those things would return between us all once we were back together. Hence this small corner of the internet offering a calm voice in all the inane chatter out there.

Choice and change.......... something those in the high places never wanted and would never allow. Now, however, they may not have the ability to prevent it.


By Ishtahar Feb 22 2009 -

Yes, I always knew. Are you going ot show yourself soon? Be careful though... some things have changed some thigns haven't smile.gif

By Scratch Feb 23 2009 -

Who (and what) is Ouza? It rings no bells whatsoever, but I want to know, which in itself is intriguing.

By Ouza Feb 23 2009 -

By no means has it always been peaches and cream. A long hard road back up, but I've been known to do that before! My only other concern is the safety and well being of the other 198? Don't forget Aza I fought for you and wishglow in front of the counsel and freely took the choice of reincarnation and relinquished my true identity! So I realize that it is best that everyone not know who or what we really are or where we came from, it just might cause a little commotion! My concern right now is not power, position, or anything else it's just wanting to be with or in contact with the one's that I love and miss the most! All I've ever been is a Geneticist with an idea who just happened to be lucky to be second in command with you, you have always been my closest friend and confidant! We all came with a mission and found out that we just didn't agree with all the YHWH wishes! They wanted blind warriors we wanted something else! All I want right now... is for it to be better than it was!

Look to... the City of Salt at the Crossroad's!
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ARCHIVE: Tell my team 333, I always thought it was Nothings Wasted!
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