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 A Medical Facility

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PostSubject: Re: A Medical Facility    A Medical Facility  - Page 2 EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 9:03 pm

Ari'el wrote:

Yeah, I hear you...

Around the holidays it gets tricky, what with visiting family and such. So I understand. I just miss talking with everyone.

Back to the subject, I found that out through a LOT of digging. Biblical research, Qabbalistic study....I have a book filled with information now. But just looking at it makes me want to grab a cup of coffee. *lays head on desk* And then mnemonic digging about the facility made me even more tired.

But it was fun all the same! A Medical Facility  - Page 2 1681451949 I need this. Anybody want some? Doctor's orders lol. Another thing. That little boy has been in most of my memories...except for my Fall. I hope nothing bad happened to him before then. He'd always hang around when I didn't have ill patients. I remember him pulling at my clothes to get my attention. Funny. You'd think I'd remember more about Raphael, since he's an expert with medicine.
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PostSubject: Re: A Medical Facility    A Medical Facility  - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 30, 2015 2:41 pm

There is always room for chocolate!  A Medical Facility  - Page 2 1681451949

If you have some Hot cocoa... raise it as a toast for the New Year to come that we, all will have a better understanding of what our lives are truly all about and to never ever stop believing in these other unseen worlds and abilities that exist around us!  lol!

Ousa Like a Star @ heaven
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A Medical Facility
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