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  Lucifer's Domain: The Realm of Life and Death

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 Lucifer's Domain: The Realm of Life and Death  Empty
PostSubject: Lucifer's Domain: The Realm of Life and Death     Lucifer's Domain: The Realm of Life and Death  EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 5:29 am

 Lucifer's Domain: The Realm of Life and Death  Lucife13

Alone, I sit near the Tree of Life.  This is the realm where souls meet the end of their existence.  This is where I make my final stand, guarding Source.  This is the realm of Life and Death.  The Tree of Life (life itself) is presented to the soul as a Cherry Blossom.  I appear to the soul as a beautiful man wielding a katana.  In this realm I am Death incarnate.

I wield the power to vanquish souls and it is a power I do not take for granted.  This is the realm where souls who attempt to harm Source/me are terminated.  This is the realm of cleansing.  In this realm I snuff out the light of others.  This is my domain.

My home rests atop the Mountain of Strength.  It is called the Eagle’s Nest.  From here I watch souls vigilantly throughout all dimensions and realities.  My bed is a hammock, which hangs from the Tree of Life.  Gentle winds sway me as cherry blossom petals flutter with the breeze.

Here the temperature never changes.  It is a warm and tranquil place and it is not wise (for most souls) to wake me here.  This is where I protect my love from others who would harm her.  Here is where I protect Life itself.  This is where I wield the icy cold power of death.

This is the realm where Life and Death exist in harmony.  This is the realm that protects and governs all others.  There is no point past this realm for souls that are not a member of my house, The House of Lucifer.  This is where you will see me in my truest form.

I wield the power of absolute destruction.  None may escape my power other than me, for I am Death incarnate in this reality.  This is where I judge the worst of souls and execute them by my own hand.  This is where corruption comes to an end.  This is my sacred realm that will not be tarnished by others.  This is a part of my reality.

This place isn’t simply for destroying souls.  It is also a realm where souls may come to pay homage to Life.  This is the final place souls come to pay their respects to Source.  It is a reality like no other and it is mine that I share with a select few.  This is where I draw the line with souls, spirits, entities, or whatever you want to call them.

This is a small window into my reality and if you’re reading this it’s the last one you’ll ever see if you encounter me (I mean that will be the end of your journey with me).  Most will never make it to this realm, so consider it both an honor and a warning if you visit me here.  Here I am Death incarnate and protect my love that is Life.

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Lucifer's Domain: The Realm of Life and Death
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