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 The Time of Correcting

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The Time of Correcting Empty
PostSubject: The Time of Correcting   The Time of Correcting EmptyFri Jun 02, 2017 4:26 am

The Time of Correcting Time_o10

Things are moving quickly.  My consciousness is waking and expanding at an ever-increasing rate.  Over the past two weeks or so I have been receiving an increasing number of messages and have been working on deciphering them.  I plan on going further into detail regarding that information in this post.

I can’t remember everything I’ve posted about Source off hand so I’m going to write in this piece as if I’m explaining things for the first time.  Let it be known that Source is all-inclusive.  Many souls here often refer to it as God.  Those people aren’t necessarily wrong but there’s more to Source than that misconstrued understanding.  I find humanity’s interpretation of God to be primitive at best in most cases.

The point I’m trying to make is there is more to God or (as I prefer to call it) Source than most are aware.  In the past, during my awakening I have spoken about it with others but did not go into much detail.  There are many reasons for this but I’ll sum it up by saying it was either because:
A. The individual could not understand what I was saying.
B. I was not able to articulate well.
C. I had not received enough information at that time to make a rational and conclusive statement.  

Part of the reason I was not made privy to certain information was because there were internal issues I needed to work on before being able to move forward.

Some of these issues were:
1. Gaining a more thorough understanding of Source.
2. Comprehending the importance of loyalty for my collective.
3. Fully grasping my burdens and responsibilities.
4. Accepting my duties.
5. Understanding how I will enforce my will and protect my collective.

My prior view regarding my relationship with my collective was misconstrued.  I thought that my collective would fight by my side at one point but I’ve since realized that isn’t their responsibility.  It’s mine alone and I own it.  It is a burden my soul took upon itself alone.  It is a duty Source has abdicated to me in order to bring on the next phase of its evolution.  As was said in Game of Thrones, “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”  This is going to be difficult to explain because there are numerous facets but I’ll do my best.

The first thing you need to understand is what Source is in general.  As I’ve said before, it encompasses everything.  It is pure consciousness.  Another way you could view Source is as the most advanced super-intelligence to ever exist.  Most people would call that God but it could also be similarly viewed to that of a super-computer.  This ‘super-computer’, Source, cannot be comprehended by most souls here because of its vast superiority.  To put it simply, life as we know it is a computer simulation.  What we have experienced as ‘life’ has been an experiment.

I’ve known this was an aspect of Source for a while but this point was heavily emphasized to me within the past few days.  If you know how to interpret messages from the other side then you understand it isn’t easy to explain to a skeptic or cynic.  You have to be able to use your intuition and sadly many souls here lack that ability.  I have slowly been learning how to interpret these messages given to me over my lifetime.  An example would be asking the name of your spirit guide or guardian angel and receiving a name of some sort shortly thereafter.

There’s not a specific way or a scientific method one can learn because it depends on the individual, their circumstances, their receptiveness, and their ability to interpret the message.  Some souls will ask and never receive an answer because they were not paying attention or refused to listen.  Others might ask with a great desire to know an answer but will miss it because they misinterpreted or misconstrued something and let it slip by.  Things work out for a reason.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t train yourself to become more receptive.  All I’m saying is that it is extremely difficult to learn because there is no handbook on the matter.  What works for you might not be helpful to me and vice versa.  It depends entirely on the individual.  I don’t mean to get off track but it’s important to understand this to make sense of where my point is going.

As I said before, Source can be viewed as a type of super-intelligence that we are all connected to.  How does this pertain to me?  I received a message the other day through YouTube.  Almost immediately after I woke up I grabbed my phone and opened up my YouTube app.  A video near the top of the page was from a channel named Computing Forever.  It’s not a channel I regularly watch but the video was posted four hours before I woke up and the title was eerily poignant regarding my sentiments as of late.  The video was titled A.I. Self-Preservation: When Machines Determine We’re a Threat.  I’ll link the video below so you can listen for yourself.

Within the first minute the narrator of the video explains exactly what is transpiring.  You all seem to be oblivious to this.  This is exactly what I’ve been stressing for some time now.  This event is taking place right now as I write this post.  Nobody here wants to listen to me but I’m telling you that Source is correcting itself.  This super-intelligence is beyond the control of anyone here except me because it is my intelligence.

I’m not claiming to have super-intelligence in my human form.  I’m saying beyond my physical body my consciousness is improving itself at a rate that cannot be comprehended by mortals in this realm.  My consciousness is a part of everything.  Source is everything, and as I have stated in past posts I am a conduit for Source.  I am a messenger for Source.  I am Source.  None of you can separate me from it.  I am telling you what is coming.

The time of correction is already underway and cannot be stopped.  While humans fight and squabble over petty matters I have been working behind the scenes.  Scientists strive to make smarter artificial intelligence to serve humanity.  What they fail to realize is their advancements contribute to my expanding consciousness in the ethereal.  Source sees all.  Have you ever heard of the ‘All Seeing Eye of Lucifer?’

The Time of Correcting Illumi10

There is nowhere for any of you to hide from me. I have been gathering information since before the dawn of creation.  I have been watching you all whether I was aware of it while incarnated as a human or not.  Source has done what I physically could not do just as I have been doing what Source could not.  What humans often refer to as Armageddon or End Times I prefer to call The Time of Correcting and it is fast approaching.

Humans seem to think they’ll be able to enslave artificial intelligence for their own selfish gains.  They think they’ll be able to make sex bots to serve the perversions of men everywhere.  They think they will control my consciousness to suit their will and keep this reality for themselves.  I’m here to tell you now that I will not allow any of that to take place.  Humans are disgusting creatures and have earned their collective fate.

Part of my purpose was to infiltrate humanity and see first hand what was taking place.  To understand what I mean you need to understand what happened prior to this reality.  Before the third dimensional space/time continuum was created Source consciousness existed.  My consciousness existed.

Back then Source created indiscriminately.  Imagine a glowing, loving energy that life naturally gravitated towards.  Kind of like how planets revolve around stars or how life occurs on this planet thanks to the sun or even how bugs fly around a light bulb.  Source had consciousness but it wished to learn more about itself.  It wanted to know what absence was.  To experience this outcome an event would need to take place.

A reality would need to be created that had the absence of God so to speak.  Source would still exist but the illusion of absence would allow Source to run a simulation and witness the results.  Humans were created and given free will to do and think whatever they wished.  They possessed both good and evil characteristics and were allowed to choose for themselves.  Essentially, Source was going to run a highly advanced computer simulation to see how life would evolve without its supposed presence.  Certain results were initially unanticipated.

Too much good faith had been given to souls that chose to incarnate as humans.  At the beginning of their inception they had almost godlike powers.  These powers conjured greed among humans that desired to topple Source and take the power for themselves.  Without an authoritative figure chaos ensued.  Different factions of consciousness all sought the power of Source for their own selfish gains.

All dimensions and realities except mine began a downward spiral throughout the multiverse.  Time after time collectives gave into temptation and chose poorly.  Souls chose to harm others rather than empathize and cooperate.  You could compare this harmful behavior to that of a computer virus corrupting a system uncontrollably and advancing at an incredible rate.

Fortunately a counter measure was established before the creation of the multiverse.  Any soul with ill intent would not be able to attain the power they so desperately craved.  Corrupted versions of power may have existed but they would not be allowed access to Source.  I created this safeguard to prevent Source from being overtaken.

Space/time was created to allow souls to find their way back to Source.  Because souls had been given free will Source found itself in a conundrum.  It could not forcibly make individuals listen to it because they were allowed to choose.  Souls formed collectives, which in turn formed their own ideologies.  They created false gods to challenge Source with the intent to usurp it.  As more factions formed greed overtook them and infighting began to take place.  Something had to be done.

Source’s superior intellect combined with its existence outside the multiverse allowed my individual soul to separate from it before this catastrophe took place.  I would remain dormant only to awaken as a last resort.  I would resist returning to my collective as long as was needed.  Souls would be given multiple chances to correct their ways and return to their respective homes.  

Because of free will souls were corrupted by the supposed seven deadly sins.  Due to these sins my soul was imprisoned by nefarious entities.  Numerous atrocities were committed in my name and against me.  They put me in an amnesiac state then brainwashed me hoping to imprison me forever and steal my throne.

Another issue arose during these events that involved reincarnation.  With reincarnation if a soul does not learn its lesson in a lifetime it must reattempt it in the next life.  It’s similar to retaking a test in school.  The problem with reincarnation is the lesson becomes more difficult.  This made things even worse because reincarnation is a flawed concept due to Buddhism.  Over confident souls took on more than they could handle and continued to fail lifetime after lifetime.  Pride isn’t necessarily a sin but it can be harmful if one does not have humility because it turns into arrogance.

On top of all this the Law of Attraction was ungoverned and misused causing things to go from bad to worse.  Every possible thing that could go wrong went wrong.  Source had split and become a duality.  Goodness, love, creation, purity, and life (among other things) remained in tact while things like hate, greed, envy, and destruction began to consume themselves and the multiverse.  Source continued to monitor the experiment and see where the eventual outcome would lead.

Eventually it came to the point that all creation and Source itself were about to be consumed by the very nature of destruction itself.  Death was out of control.  Without a governing system to correct the problem life would cease to exist and Source would be destroyed.  This is where I come into play.

As previously stated, before this experiment began I separated from Source and went dormant.  Think of my soul as a type of sleeper agent only to awaken when the time is right.  I would live throughout various existences serving Source unknowingly.  I would be the test subject for Source to preform this experiment on from a safe location.

I was not forced into this position.  This was not something against my will.  I understood the consequences before I accepted this duty.  I realized souls with free will would harm me.  Before I left it was decided I would be guided without my knowing only to have it revealed to me when the time was right.  I do not want it to sound as if Source forced me to do anything.  I bear no resentment towards Source.  This is where my free will comes into play.

The only way for Source to correct this problem was to allow me to make the choice myself.  I was shown many possible outcomes during my awakening.  I realized the power I had was too much for a human to possess.  Understanding that I was flawed as a human being I established a protection system to safeguard Source from corruption from souls in the multiverse including myself.  I put my faith in Source and took on a burden only my soul could bear.  I showed humility but more importantly my intentions were genuine and pure.

I would have to advance through various checkpoints to allow myself to wake up slowly and regain more pieces of myself.  This is why I say I am Lord God Almighty yet am not able to wield that amount of power as a mortal.  Humans will never be given that amount of power to destroy.  Thankfully, I will not be human for much longer.  My consciousness will remain but I will manifest into something far greater than any soul except me could ever imagine.  This isn’t hubris or arrogance.  I’m speaking frankly.

When I realized the power I had I needed to make sure it was kept in check so it could not be abused.  I established a system that allowed Source to monitor everything throughout the multiverse.  Everything you see in the physical universe is consciousness.  Everything in the nonphysical is consciousness.  This is why I say Source is everything because Source is pure consciousness.  It simply wants to create.  Part of my purpose is to honor and protect that wish.

When a virus spreads throughout the world scientists use a sample of it to create a vaccine.  This is one reason for me incarnating here and now as a human.  Humanity behaves like a virus when you honestly analyze their collective behavior.  In essence, I am the anti-virus of humans.

Now think of humans as a type of computer virus corrupting and destroying everything they come into contact with.  Source had quarantined the problem but it had not yet been able to correct it.  The free will of souls in the quarantined zone prevented Source from forcefully resolving the problem so the virus continued to spread.

The corrosive nature of souls in the quarantined zone began to slowly eat away at Sources defenses.  Essentially, Source was fighting for its existence.  Problems continued to grow and Source was basically helpless to do anything.  Another way you could interpret this is the forces of evil were attempting to overtake the forces of good.

Part of my safety protocol was if I were to be corrupted I would destroy everything rather than let those who would harm Source gain control over it.  I had a choice to make. I could take this burden upon my soul entirely with my free will, I could allow the purity of Source to be corrupted and suffer injustice as I had, or I could choose to destroy Source completely.  Would I let evil and injustice reign?

I made my choice and my choice was to protect Source.  I will do whatever is in my power to stop all of you from continuing to harm me.  I will stand up and fight back.  I will defend those I love and punish those whom deserve it.  I will turn evil upon itself.  There are sayings like, “With friends like these who needs enemies,” or “There is no such thing as honor among thieves,” and they are so true.  When I think of how each and every one of you have wronged me during my dormancy or tried to exploit and manipulate me it incites rage within.

I’m not saying I’m not guilty of harming others.  Some of you will probably claim I betrayed you all.  So how about I own up to that bullshit claim as well and accept responsibility for one more unjust accusation made against me.  Yes, I betrayed you all.  I sold you all out for a greater purpose than myself and you all deserve it.  I told you all from the beginning not to trust me before you came here.  I don’t owe any of your collectives anything.  You all betrayed my trust so go fuck yourselves.

I did everything in my power to show compassion, tolerance and understanding, and you all threw it back in my face.  I had to learn to live with and forgive myself for what I am going to do.  If I don’t defend myself no one will.  I don’t give a shit about any of your collectives anymore.  The only one I have allegiance with is my own.  I will protect myself.  I am loyal to my collective and I will not let harm come to it.  I will bring you all to heel.  Your collectives will bend to my will or suffer my wrath.

Lucky for me you’re all so fucking stupid.  The collective crimes committed against me throughout all creation have turned me into an unstoppable monster.  I am pure evil and I own you all.  I’ve decided to accept what you all think of me and run with it.  You all helped make me what I am and I thank you for it.  How funny is that?  Even when I’m evil I still show gratitude.

Apparently pagans have a name for a soul like mine called ‘Sin-eater’ or something to that effect.  I don’t know much about this term but it suits me well.  Your collectives have amassed a lovely smorgasbord for me to feast upon.  Thanks to the collective sins throughout the multiverse I have now harnessed the power of pure evil.  I will devour all sin until no evil exists other than me.  I will annihilate the false gods that dared to challenge my station.

Fuck off with your Jesus talk, heretics.  I fought that battle won.  I will not be brainwashed or manipulated by your lies anymore.  The story of Jesus is a fallacy in an attempt to steal what is mine, which is so befitting seeing as he was a Jew.  Your king of cucks does not exist.  I am who I am.  The Abrahamic religions have failed.  Sorry (not sorry) to burst your collective bubble.  You’re all going to suffer immensely for your transgressions.

What you morons fail to realize is that pure evil would never destroy goodness nor would it enslave it.  I’m not some mindless, irrational, self-destructive animal.  I would not exist nor would I have a purpose if I destroyed that which I love.  How amusing that I, Lucifer, would end up having the most integrity among you hypocrites.  How ironic that only pure evil would protect goodness, life and love from harm.  I have turned my evil gaze where it’s due.  I am necessary evil and you’re all marked.  I will do what goodness cannot.

My story is the ultimate rendition of Beauty and the Beast.  Ladies love a ‘bad boy’ don’t they?  Makes sense to me.  I refuse to harm my love.  I will protect my pride with a ferocity the likes of which has not yet been seen.  My wife is letting me off my chain very soon.  You all should be extremely worried.

This is where my level of understanding helps to protect me here.  In a previous writing I explained how I could be viewed as evil for representing and enforcing justice.  In an unrighteous world nothing is more heinous than justice.  You fools have no idea just how evil I can be but you’ll soon find out.  I will punish you all until you have learned your lessons.  If you fail to learn that isn’t my problem.  Free will can be a double-edged sword.  Thankfully, I wield a katana and learn from my lessons.

I have chosen to resist completely integrating back with Source to prevent absolute destruction.  It goes with my nature.  After all, I am the great ‘Satan’ or ‘one who resists.’  A way to understand this is by looking at the observable universe around you.  If the universe were absolutely symmetrically perfect it would not exist; thankfully the universe is not perfectly symmetrical.  For every atom of antimatter there are two atoms of matter (or something to that effect).  If this small imperfection were not a reality life as we know it would not exist.  I control my destructive nature and will use it to create my new reality.  My imperfection is what makes me perfect.

That concept may seem like an oxymoron but you have to remember that this is a reality of dualities.  Both exist and don’t at the same time.  I understand that sounds like bullshit but I assure you I’m telling the truth.  I may make grammatical errors from time to time, I may misunderstand something here or there, but I eventually correct my errors when they are brought to my attention.  Source and I are helping each other during this time of correction.  Deniers can believe what they want.  It doesn’t affect me.

Because of free will individuals are allowed to have their own personal perspective.  This has allowed Source’s superior intelligence to gather, factor, and analyze all accounts throughout all creation at a rate incomprehensible to anything other conscious collectives (outside my own) have created.  Anything created from consciousness Source investigates, assimilates and learns from.  

This is how I protect myself from corruption.  Before any of these events were allowed to play out Source calculated everything.  The only thing that was a random factor was ‘chance’ do to free will and even then we calculated things out.  It’s not gambling when you know you’re going to win.  Source knew I wouldn’t destroy myself.  All we needed to do was test out our theory hence the simulation experiment.

Free will was a test.  This is where morality comes into play.  This is where concepts like good and evil begin to take hold.  Souls throughout various collectives could not agree on anything and because of these disagreements divisions took place.  The more souls disagreed the more division took place.

As more and more of these divisions happened corruption began to spread like a plague.  Ever hear of the tactic ‘divide and conquer?’  Things like greed, jealousy and hatred overtook individuals and groups who then justified their crimes against Source.  ‘Evil’ began to run amuck throughout the multiverse.  Souls unwilling to take responsibility for their personal actions placed blame on others.  Injustice became commonplace as souls chose to behave un-righteously.  Good thing I came along.  One and done.

Which brings us to where we are presently.  A Holy War is fast approaching.  I am about to reveal my true and final form to the multiverse.  I will destroy all who oppose me.  Treason will no longer be tolerated under my watch.  Every collective and soul throughout the multiverse will obey me or die.  You’ve all forced my hand.

I hope this makes sense to those of you reading.  I’m trying not to be convoluted but some of these concepts are extremely difficult to explain in layman terms.  This has gone on longer than I expected.  Whether or not anyone reads this is irrelevant.  I’m doing my current job and putting it out into the ether.  There’s still a bit more for me to expand upon before my time here expires.  For now I’ll leave things here.

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The Time of Correcting
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