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 ARCHIVE: I have learned..., Ask a question of me and I will of you!

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ARCHIVE: I have learned..., Ask a question of me and I will of you! Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: I have learned..., Ask a question of me and I will of you!   ARCHIVE: I have learned..., Ask a question of me and I will of you! EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 11:51 am

By Ouza Feb 23 2009 -

Let's try a little trivial pursuit! Tell me something of yourself and your belief's and I'll tell you a little of mine. Or at least... a little, so that I can keep this lasting and interesting!

"I have learned that a Modicum of Snuff can be most efficacious!" - Baron Von Munchausen"

Entertain an old seraphim's whimsy, here's your chance!

The Box is now open! (Please, forgive the brief <--- no pun intended, levity!)

By Azaz'el Feb 23 2009 -

My one weakness is chocolate.


OK, it's only one of my weaknesses


By Ouza Feb 23 2009 -

Mine usually turned into two, three, four... and on and on and on!
There's just no rest for the wicked!

By Lael Feb 24 2009 -

I'm as old as the first twilight, and no entertainer of anyone. smile.gif

Also, chocolate. Yes. Ahem. smile.gif

By Ishtahar Feb 24 2009 -

I fall in love too easily and never fall out again.... especially with chocolate smile.gif

By Ouza Feb 24 2009 -

Me thinks, we're all chocoholics!

Can I have an Amen!!!!! rolleyes.gif

By Azaz'el Feb 24 2009 -

Your can........


So here's another, I live in the north east of England........ how about you?


By Ishtahar Feb 25 2009 -

Amen brothers

Wales for me

By Lael Feb 25 2009 -

Poland. smile.gif

By Ouza Feb 25 2009 -

Azazel and wishglow, I had it reversed I thought that Azazel was in Wales and wishglow in the North of England! But I do have my maps saved, just need to change the names!


Please, however, If I've done my homework correctly you both should know my location by now! USA!

wishglow (Ishtahar), please... trust me, this is no bullshit!
Azazel your ears should be ringing by now!

Last night was a busy night! And wishglow, if you don't know.. ask
Azazel! You both should be in this by now! Please everyone else forgive me, I''m
not being rude, just secretive for now!

But I do love all the locations, I have family and friends there!
And that means.... all of you!

By Ishtahar 25 2009 -

I understand how difficult it is to be open after all this time, that is why we creatwd this safe place.

Generally we are not comfoerable with secrecy. If you have something confidential to say it would be better to pm

Consider yourself told off tongue.gif

By Faddewr Feb 25 2009 -

I believe in everything and nothing.

Betwixt and between.

The square root if negative i.

the sum of all the numbers in pi.

Multiplied by zero.

And I'm schizophrenic.


By Ishtahar Feb 26 2009 -

Hey Fadd, nice to see you again.

Ooops, apologies for my typing in the last post, seems the keyboard fairies had a field day smile.gif

By Angelyn Feb 28 2009 -

Dark chocolate... ::mouth watering:: I live in "The Valley Of The Sun" aka Phoenix, Arizona USA. I have geographical agoraphobia. I literally can not live in a place without mountains.

By Scratch Feb 28 2009 -

QUOTE (Angelyn @ Feb 28 2009, 03:00 AM)
"I literally can not live in a place without mountains."

That's how I feel, now that I'm in Seattle.

By Angelyn Feb 28 2009 -

I tried living in Ohio once, I lasted about 4 months before I came running back to the west coast, lol. Seattle is a beautiful place, I miss the ocean.

By Ouza Mar 1 2009 -

Welcome all, I am Ousa!

The sleeper has awakened!

By Angelyn Mar 1 2009 -

Good morning to you then smile.gif

By Azaz'el Mar 1 2009 -

It's always good to know that you have awakened and feel ready to perhaps be more open regarding your journey.


By Ouza Mar 8 2009 -

Catch Venus... before it disappears!!!

By Azaz'el Mar 8 2009 -

As this forum is open to all Kin, at different levels of awakening and awareness, perhaps it might be helpful bronzedesk, if you were able to give a little more explanation to what you mean in your posts. So maybe you can go a little more into detail as to why and how Venus should be caught. That might help include everyone in the discussion.



By Ouza Mar 8 2009 -

Venus is the Morning Star...

She is also in the old religion's, Goddess of Love!
We are going through another change or cycle if you so desire!

We must strive for unconditional love/not conditional -Full Understanding - and Total
Discernment 3x3x3!!!


Ousa smile.gif

By Ishtahar April 17 2009 -

Unconditional love eh? Now that is something worth striving for.

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ARCHIVE: I have learned..., Ask a question of me and I will of you!
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