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 ARCHIVE: First Words

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: First Words   ARCHIVE: First Words EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 12:41 pm

By Evys May 17 2009 -


Well, I've been stuck on just that one word for quite awhile now. Introductions sure can be a little tricky. What to say, what to say? I was introduced to this place by Dream's End and for the past couple of days I've been casually browsing some of the posts and trying to get a better feel for it. That is still a work in progress, but I have come across several posts that had things in it that I can relate to.

As for me, I can't say that I've completely figured out exactly who and what I am. It is still a work in progress. I was not so focused on it for a good stretch of time, but I am trying to reconnect with myself and continue on my journey so that I might wake up.

It has been a dream filled journey so far. Even when I have not been at my best, I still manage to occasionally have dreams that speak of other worlds, other versions of myself and they have helped me keep going.

I think that being around people who are going through similar processes and having a place to discuss such things is very important, so I am hopeful that I will be able to slide into this community. I usually take my time before speaking, especially if I do not feel that I have something meaningful to add to the conversation at hand, so I am not really sure how active I will be at first, but I'm going to give it a try. =)

By Dreamsend May 17 2009 -

I'm sure you'll find the answers that you're looking for eventually, through work and sharing and all that good stuff that we do to grow spiritually and intellectually.

Let me be the first to formally welcome you to the community. Feel free to post, add to posts and the like. There is a "Dreams and Portents" section, if you feel like sharing your dreams. If you need to talk to a Mod at any point, I and Sari'el and the Admins will be happy to listen.

This is a safe space to discuss, share, and listen, and it will always be that way.

And, let me "un"-formally add: *hug!* Glad to have you here =)

-- D/Angela

By Evys May 17 2009 -

=) Thank you for the warmly formal greeting. *hugs* Glad to be here.

By Seraphyna May 17 2009 -

Welcome smile.gif So what has brought you to the conclusion that you're otherkin?

By Azaz'el May 17 2009 -

Greetings and welcome Evys,

I'm pleased you managed to move beyond just one word........ I am hoping that, given time, you will feel confortable enough to just post whatever you feel and whatever comes to mind. There are times when it can be best to just blurt something out rather than try to find the correct words.

As for getting a feel for this place........ I'm not entirely sure there is a feel to it to get!!! None of us have all the answers, none of us have memoies that stretch from the first times to now and so can offer the ultimate advice on what the hell we should be all doing. We are all different .... bound together by being Kin, born into a human shell and maybe, just maybe, have a slight link to the elder race we call Shadow.... but then again perhaps not! Ish and I may have been the ones to have created this forum, but we aren't vastly superior beings who know everything. Well, Ish certainly isn't! wink.gif

All that we ask here is that every member respects the rules of the forum and the views expressed here.... be true to who and what you are and you will welcome here. If we can help in any way, just ask.


By Evys May 17 2009 -

QUOTE (Seraphyna @ May 17 2009, 04:53 PM)
"Welcome smile.gif So what has brought you to the conclusion that you're otherkin?"

Thank you.

Interestingly enough I've never really labeled myself as "otherkin" and this could be that when I first started becoming more aware of myself I was not familiar with the term. I didn't come across the term until I'd already started to gather up steam with my own way of thinking about and categorizing things.

However, I came to the conclusion that I was not human not too long after I started meditating a lot and began forming more of a bond with myself. Many of my own opinions were reinforced by other people who would often tell me that they felt certain non-human traits coming from within me. Mostly though, it was my meditations and dreams that brought me to the conclusion that I was something other than what I appear to be.

By Ouza May 18 2009 -

Being Other kin to me ... means "All of us lock, stock and barrel"!

Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Black and White and all the shades of Grey that go on into infinity!

We are the Rainbow People and yet we, all come from void! (Not one ... but As One!)

Welcome Home ... Evys

By Razi'el May 18 2009 -

welcome to our humble corner of the internet, Evys! i hope you have fun here, and i can safely say, coming here was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and here's hoping it's the same for you. cheers and many welcomes!!


By Azaz'el May 18 2009 -

Aww, thanks Raz, we do our best to make this place as comfortable, safe and friendly as those days used to be before the troubles started and the Fall began. I would like to think that the main difference we have to some other forums is our integrity. What you see is what you get and there are no politics or power struggles here.


By Razi'el May 19 2009 -

ahhh, it no problem, Az... the integrity is what makes it nice! no drama, no popularity contests... heheh, it's great happy.gif

anyway, there's a nice long road ahead of all of us, and we gotta help each other after all ^^ that which touches one, touches us all~


By Ishtahar May 19 2009 -

Welcome Evys. As Raz so kindly said.... no popularity concerts... no drama... just a helping hand along the road... not just the one extended to you but the acceptance of the one you can extend to us too.



By Riley May 19 2009 -

You... I like you, your energy rings to my soul, particularly that name. Your energy feels as good to me as the sun breaking through the clouds on a day you don't want it to rain. I must get to know you more. Very Happy.

By Evys May 19 2009 -

QUOTE (Riley @ May 19 2009, 06:01 PM)
"You... I like you, your energy rings to my soul, particularly that name. Your energy feels as good to me as the sun breaking through the clouds on a day you don't want it to rain. I must get to know you more. biggrin.gif."

Such kind words. I thank you. I would be happy to share, my inbox is open. =)

By Ellysium May 20 2009 -

Welcome, Evys!

By Ouza May 20 2009 -

When you add a ' to Evys (Evy's) you have the makings of a good cook, who knows the correct use of spices in the kitchen!


By Azaz'el May 20 2009 -

Ouza, what are you on??!!! Does that make sense? LOL I'm obviously having a stupid moment here!!!! tongue.gif


By Ouza May 20 2009 -

It's not what I'm on ... its' what I want to eat!
And I'm hungry! kind of bled over into my thoughts so to speak!

Beware, Cookie Monsters urge on the prowl ... need chocolate! rolleyes.gif

By Scratch May 21 2009 -

::chuckles:: As you can see, this is a very safe place to absolutely be yourself. I've read all sorts of strange and amazing things here, posted things I was afraid to say to anyone, that sounded crazy to myself, and that's the first time anyone's asked anyone, "what are you on?"


By Azaz'el May 21 2009 -

You can always trust me to be the first to open my mouth ........ usually only to change feet.

As for chocolate........ I'm with you there Ouza, always have to have a supply of chocolate to hand.


By Laeus May 31 2009 -

hey, may sound weird but i feel a connection with you. does the title nephilim mean anything to you?
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ARCHIVE: First Words
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