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 ARCHIVE: Introduction is due, I guess.

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ARCHIVE: Introduction is due, I guess. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Introduction is due, I guess.   ARCHIVE: Introduction is due, I guess. EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 2:59 pm

By Noctis Sep 28 2009 -

I guess it would appropriate to introduce myself. I am Noctis (That definitely is not my real name) I was until recently "jarred" a Were, who after much...practice and meditation probably could of shifted. Which leads me to my journey here, I was given a link by Eidolon. Having realized I had much in common with him (Dreams mainly), I make no claims of anything special on my part, I am merely choosing a path to investigate, either it is a dead end or a longer journey. I fear that I really do not have any interesting tales to share aside from my recurring dream, which I will post in the appropriate section. I look forward to conversing with you all.


By Azaz'el Sep 28 2009 -

Greetings Noctis and welcome to the forum.

I'm pleased you decided to join and see what, if anything, you may be willing to learn or teach here. As you can see by now, we're a mix of Kin and Human here, all linked by our common experiences in the past or the coming future, and all here to piece together the fragments of who we once were.

It may be that your path here is one where you can rest and heal and pass the time with new friends......... it may be that you can help many to rememeber, to grow and so become an active member. Whatever your path, you are welcome here.


By Noctis Sep 28 2009 -

Thank you, I will assist in anyway I can.

By Dreamsend Sep 29 2009 -

Welcome Noctis!

Glad to meet you.

Angela/Dream's End

By Scratch Sep 29 2009 -

Hello. What were those lovely quotes from?

How do you mean "jarred"? And, apparently, you're not the only one to have dreams in common with him. There's all sorts here, and self-discovery is the emphasis. Hope you find it as useful as I have.

By Noctis Sep 29 2009 -

Lets say I did not bump my head, but it still disorientated me.

If you are talking about my quotes, they are by William Shakespeare.

Well, I am going to try to lucid my dream one more time, before I post it. Seems something stops me from controlling.

By Ouza Sep 29 2009 -

When the time is right, the jar will become clear and we will be there for you and plus hopefully together we can be an effective mirror for you to find your way back to or where it is you wish or want to be !!!

When the need arises ask !!!

Welcome Home !!!


P.S. There are no price tags... here, believe it or not !!!

By Serapyna Sep 29 2009 -

Welcome smile.gif When you say
"after much...practice and meditation probably could of shifted"
do you mean physically? If so, why do you think practice and meditation would allow you to break multiple physical laws of this plane?

By Noctis Sep 30 2009 -

Quite literally, yes.

The only way to prove yourself right, is to try to prove yourself wrong. - Me (At least I think I coined it)

I know it is impossible, but why not prove it to yourself, just to make sure.

By Ouza Sep30 2009 -

Very well put !!! You're sure your not from Missouri (The show me state) ??? wink.gif

Just like the pharmaceutical companies the theory is well founded but can, if you know the In's and outs be toyed with to one's own personal gain and wealth! The church did that quite effectively over the Masses !!! <---No pun intended-if you ever were a Catholic like myself at the beginning !!! tongue.gif

I think I've always said the proof is in the pudding! If anyplace to start asking and proving the whys and wherefore's ... why not start here, it's as good a place as any !!! smile.gif

All we have... Is time to figure this out !!! "Share what you have learned for this final goal of unity of the whole, overall... that is us, together forever !!!" biggrin.gif


By Ishtahar Sep 30 2009 -

Very, very well put. What are rules if not a challenge to find a way to break them? It wouldn't be the first time the 'laws of this plane' have been broken... I mean it wasn't so long ago that it was scientific fact that the world was flat. We may think we know it all but the fact is, we don't. If we don't challenge... ourselves, the world, the laws of the universe... then nothing is ever going to change, to grow, to move on.

Believe we are capable of anything our imagination can suggest... believe it with all our hearts... strive for it, create it, make it happen.

By Razi'el Oct 2 2009 -

welcome, Noctis!

i have to say, i am intrigued, and i will definitely be one to listen to your stories! and by the way, if you ever do find out how to shapeshift physically, give me a few pointers, eh?

heheh, welcome anyway, and may you have as good an experience here as i have!

By Scratch Oct 3 2009 -

Nice! You should make t-shirts and bumper stickers: that needs to be spread around.

By Riley Nov 24 2009 -

Ah welcome, glad to see other people breaking the physical plane.
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ARCHIVE: Introduction is due, I guess.
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