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 ARCHIVE: A Memory

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By Shem Mar 19 2008 -

I remember being the leader of a host that attempted to attack a fortification. It was a revenge attack for the injury that a great enemy had delt to a friend. But the enemies land lay far from our own and as soon as we entered their territory, hostility radiated from the land itself. And i remember it being really important that the enemy shouldn't find out who i was, if they were to discover my name we would face defeat. Having nearly reach the top of the wooded hill that surrounded the fort the undergrowth and the trees surrounding us physically attacked us, ripping, crushing, grinding and draining us. I did what I could and ended may lives but it was useless, we were defeated.
The journey home was the worst. Passing back through the hostile land was like living in a nightmare, i was being carried, i was injured in a bad way. As we entered land with friendly energy, i did nothing but cry because I felt massive guilt for having persuaded my people to help with my vengence. Nearly all my host which included many kin died.
I went back to the otherworld after that, trying to purge myself.
And i lived in darkness, was surrounded by darkness and became dormant like a seed, i forgot EVERYTHING. I remember having black bird wings that wrapped around me like a cloak and i was thin and fey and very primeval, very instinctive and very nervous. My name was darkness son of Light and the darkness taught me.

my cherished one, beautiful as everything on earth and in the most beautiful stars on earth that i adore my great cherished woman adored by all the powers of the stars beautiful with the beauty of billions of queens who adorn the earth the adoration that i feel for your beauty brings me down on my knees to beg you to think of me i put myself at your feet i adore your beauty think of me you my adorable beauty my great beauty whom i adore i rub diamonds in moss higher than the forests of which your highest hair thinks of me-don't forget me my little woman sometimes on my knees around the hearth on emerald sand-look at yourself in my hand that allows me to base my judgement on everything in the world so that you can recognise me for what i am my brunette-blond my beauty and my beast think of me in paradise my head in my hands.

By Azaz'el Mar 19 2008 -

Welcome to the forum Shem, I am pleased you have felt it was the right time to post.

The darkness can be a place of great healing and great strenght. Many see it as as a place of evil, a place to be feared and rejected. For me it is where my strenght and passion lies. But you know that.

There are times when we all have to return to the light, to show others the way.


...in the silence of your heart is the echo of our Race..... remember me and listen...
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