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 ARCHIVE: regret

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: regret   ARCHIVE: regret EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:16 am

By Hope Oct 18 2007 -

i never really understood the how but i guess this fits here... it's a phrase that i've accepted as the way to live life. it makes me happy but the initial burden of accepting it was immense. i never read it anywhere, i never heard it anywhere, i never thought it up... it just came to me... like a memory. the phrase is as follows:

"Regret only that you couldn't have done anything, shouldn't have done anything, but wouldn't do anything."

it's not exactly as it was when it came to me a while ago but it think it's pretty close.

By Ishtahar Oct 18 2007 -

WOW, that is profound.....it took me a time to get my head around it but I think I understand now.

It's about following your heart and your own truth, I think. Ignoring all the reasons why you shouldn't, cant mustn't do something no matter how good they might be and doing it anyway just because your heart is telling you it is right.

Looking back to the time of the fall I am sure there are many people who now feel that there are things they should have done despite the fact that they had really really good reasons for not doing them.

However, all that being said, I am not sure that regret is in any way desirable. Yes we should take resposibility for what we did and recognise those things which, with hindsight, we feel that we should have / not have done but the important thing is that we act on that, that we dont just sit and muse and regret but that we ensure that something positive comes from it no matter how late it might be.

i think that everyone who was there during the fall are now being given another chance to get it right.

Always follow your heart, it rarely leads you down the wrong path even though it may allow you to trip over and even break a leg on the way

By Lael Oct 21 2007 -

In a similar vein, once upon a time, a person I respect told me this: mistakes, you can fix. Regrets you can only live with.

I used to live with a long list of regrets that grew even longer as I awakened, and that made me bitter. Some years later, I still keep saying that everything happens for a reason, but now I think I actually know what it means and truly believe it - and I regret nothing.

Also, I apologize for being silent and mostly not here.

By Ishtahar Oct 21 2007 -

No apologies needed my friend. After all we are all to some extent lurkers in the shadows biggrin.gif

I can absolutely agree with the principle behind what you have said, now if only I can put it into practice....... blink.gif

By Azaz'el Oct 21 2007 -

Lael, be as silent as you wish, just having your support as a member is as much as we can ask for.

Thank you for your insight. The path of awakening can be a difficult, lonely and painful one, and I'm pleased you have understood and no longer carry that bitterness, as it can be destructive.


By Scratch Aug 19 2008 -

My take on that is you can either make a mistake or learn a lesson. If you make a mistake, and regret it, it has no good purpose or reason. If you learn from it, then something comes of it.

By Ishtahar Aug 19 2008 -

I agree completely


By Azaz'el Aug 19 2008 -

I think that as much as any mistake can be painful, here are always lessons to learn if we keep our eyes open. Unfortunately we often keep our eyes closed and refuse to see it. We can be our own worst enemy.

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ARCHIVE: regret
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