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 ARCHIVE: A memory?, Under the great tree....

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ARCHIVE: A memory?, Under the great tree.... Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A memory?, Under the great tree....   ARCHIVE: A memory?, Under the great tree.... EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:20 am

By Laviah Aug 1 2008 -

Well, just recently I had a "vision". And I believe its that Tree everyone here talks about. The one everyone meet under secretly in the past.

Well, I was in meditation, and after I had a crazy vision I believe was really scary, it suddenly changed to a sunny day. First, it felt as if I was in the sky, and as I looked down, I saw this great big tree...
Well, this where it gets tricky to describe. I'll try my best with this pathetic of an excuse quick drawing I did after that vision. (since I remember little now) Well, It was up upon this great hill I believe. And in a far off distants down hill(perhaps a small field?) there is woods or a forest meeting it? And your right, this tree is Big! There's lots of roots at the end of the trunk. And if Im right...there maybe somekind of small bricks/rocks by the trunk perhaps even stashed up togather.

And from what I barely see in my bad drawing, the sun is just becoming dusk as it sets behind the line of trees down the hill.

And now what I DO remember, as I stared upon this Tree with the field behind it, I started to wonder....'Where is everyone?' And as I gazed upon the surroundings standing on the ground now....the vision fades to black.

And thats it. I came back and started my best with this vision, I etched with a pencil to form a poor drawing. sad.gif Which I hardly seem to do! [ahem] But anyways, hey, it could be something else, so...dont get me wrong. cool.gif But I thought this might be of interest to Ish and Az. What do you guys think?


By Ishtahar Aug 2 2008 -

That is sure a very vivid memory/vision. I don't think it is 'my' tree though. I don't remember that being so very big. It was fairly low to the ground with twisted trunk and roots and, although there was a reasonably gently slope to get up to it from the village, where we sat, under the tree the land fell away really steeply down to the valley which was essentially just the roof canopy of trees, with possibly a hint of a river underneath them all. I think that one of the reasons it was so special was because everywhere else, except that valley, was dusty dry and barren.

Sorry Laviah, I really dont think that was my tree. But it could certainly be a meeting tree. Thre is no way that we could have had large gatherings under 'my' tree. My clearest memories are of just Sem and I there


By Laviah Aug 4 2008 -

Heh, than it must be the Awakening finally getting to me. lol I dont know. It just seems ever since two years ago Ive been occasionally "hearing" things, and "seeing" the most unusual visions. (sigh) Perhaps they are only just long past memories of movies and such. Who knows dry.gif

Oh well, thankx anyways for answering!

By Ellysium Aug 20 2008 -

Just because it may not be the same tree as Ishtahar's does not mean it doesn't have some sort of significance for you wink.gif
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ARCHIVE: A memory?, Under the great tree....
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