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 ARCHIVE: Confusion of thoughts/memories

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Confusion of thoughts/memories   ARCHIVE: Confusion of thoughts/memories EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:29 am

By Kronos Sep 11 2008 -

Since my awakening (officially Dec. 2006 but it started very very slowly in roughly Nov. 2005 when met another Kin that I worked with) I have had dreams/memories, I don't know what to call it and some Kin have been able to explain and others are just plain baffled, usually by the same one. So I thought I'd share them and see if any others can relate.

-I was floating in "space" like instead of blackness it was a blue/navy blue with no stars and there was a floating island and on it was a nice forest and a huge waterfall and a massive building that I have to say was a church-like structure that was made of white marble with gold on parts of it and there was an old man that appeared like popular images of Father Time and he looked at me very surprised and said "How did you get here?!? Your kind is not ready to be back here!" and I woke up after feeling forced away. Kind was greatly emphasized by him. For the record I've seen what I look like (I'll mention it a bit farther down) which is an angel so if that helps at all.

-Wandering down a hall with both sides having white marble statues honoring archangels, only to come to the end and there be a cross mounted on the wall with an angel on it who promptly attacked me by thrusting a spear at my chest. I talked to someone who said they had been in a similar hallway but with daemonic statues as opposed to archangels.

-I was in a "bubble" while a war between angelic creatures raged around me and looked at a archangel who then after an exchange of unheard words attacked me. I later realized the archangel was in face me and I was viewing it from someone else's perspective. I later saw the event from my perspective and the person I attacked was human-ish in a gold/yellow light so it was impossible to make out details. I remember attacking him because he promised to save the one I love but didn't follow through with the promise and I felt intense feelings of betrayal.

And the last one for now:

-It was very hard to see anything but there was a tiny tiny tiny speck of light on this table just floating there and there 5 others in grey-ish robes standing around (it was dark so I don't know the colors exactly) and I heard a voice I knew was directed at me saying, begin it or do it, not sure which. And I saw myself extend a finger froward and touch the light and it exploded and that was it.

There are others but i need to focus on the details so I can provide an accurate details. I thank anyone who posts stuff in advance.


By Dreamsend Sep 15 2008 -

I have memories or knowledge that correlate with various aspects of your dreams and memories.

The old man who said "your kind is not ready to be here," is reminiscent of a number of things, including future places being prepared that beings, such as humans, are not prepared to travel to at this point. Also past places, once homes, that had to be evacuated of their residents for various reasons. I couldn't say which that memory sounds like.

The hallway you mention seems to me like something that should or does exist, if I've never myself visited such a place. The angel with the spear that was thrusted at your chest sounds like a variety of things, among them 1) imagery of the spear of destiny that was used on Christ. Maybe an archetypal event? And 2) I remember fighting wars, with angelics, with spears. It reminds me of those weapons.

-- Angela

By Kronos Sep 17 2008 -

Your mention about the first one saying that it reminded you of homes seems to have a connection in that I identify it with either an origin point or an end point, now of course those are up for debate but I must thank you for that interpretation because before that I had no idea of where to even begin thinking of it as.


By Scratch Sep 17 2008 -

The first was the only one that meant anything to me, although I had similar thoughts to Dreamsend about the others. The last two struck me as being highly personal to you; I think you're the only one who will be able to know what they were really.

I had a vision while meditating with a very powerful quartz point I used to have, and then a dream a few years later, both featuring a man with long flowing grey hair and beard, looking very old but noble for it. That's how I always see Father Time. In both, the man I saw was able to wield immense amounts of power, but was terribly sinister and frightening. As far as I could tell, in both he used power malevolently, most likely to kill.

In the vision, he was high priest of a temple filled with quartz crystals, the size of people and furniture. He sat on a throne that was a cluster of crystals, and I had the sense all of the points, while appearing to have grown naturally, were placed in very specific angles to one another for various purposes. The temple was in a city of pyramids, and the temple essentially ran the city. He was a corrupt priest, and at least had a hand in the city's downfall to ruins. The perspective I saw all this from was that of a priestess who he somehow murdered.

In the dream, I went with a bunch of people into a mountain, outside of this weird, ruined old mining town tucked away in what I got the impression was West Virginia. A lot of the buildings were abandoned, and some were stone, ancient, and looked like they had been underwater at some point. We went in a room carved back inside the mountain, where there was a bust of the man I described carved in grey stone, sitting in the middle of what I can best describe as a flat stone roulette wheel with runes or symbols in each spot. It started to spin after we all sat in a circle (someone might have done something to make it start, I can't remember), and a panel in the wall started to open. A shaft of white light shot out and hit the young woman sitting next to me. I kind of wished it had hit me instead, until I saw the terror on her face. She started to get pulled by the light through the doorway, and I knew he was on the other side. I felt like something horrible was going to happen when the man depicted in the statue came out of that doorway, and then I was sitting next to my mom in her minivan, and she was driving me home and asking me where I had been for the past two weeks. That dream was the only time, waking or sleeping, I have ever experienced a memory lapse.

In a way, I'm kind of hoping it wasn't the same man you saw there. I don't know why.
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ARCHIVE: Confusion of thoughts/memories
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