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 ARCHIVE: The Tree, A question

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The Tree, A question   ARCHIVE: The Tree, A question EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:37 am

By Shemyaza Jan 22 2009 -


Was it an Acacia tree?

By Ishtahar Jan 22 2009 -

I have to admit that I had no idea what an acacia tree looks like. I have googled it and all I can say is that it could be although I think the branches were closer to the ground that in the pictures I have seen on Google just now.

By Shemyaza Jan 22 2009 -

The image I have is of a young tree and some very content feelings. I dont know, it is a fleeting feeling.

By Ishtahar Jan 22 2009 -

It is a very fresh green tree. Shaped pretty much like an acacia tree although it seem to me the trunk is shorter, the branches close to the ground, just over our heads when we sit with our backs to the trunk. It's like a giant umbrella over us and when I looked up through the branches the sun breaks up and flashes and winks at me.

it is different to the trees in the valley and it grows out of the side of the mountain. It is one of the clearest memories I have. I think the best times I had were under that tree... it is burned into my soul.

By Shemyaza Jan 23 2009 -

That tree is not there now, but its children are

Sorry if that is a little enigmatic, it is something I felt I needed to write.

By Ishtahar Jan 23 2009 -

We're nothing if not enigmatic.

That is good...although somehow painful... to know.

So much happened under that tree, and it's all gone. It's good to know that the fruits of that are flourishing.

By Azaz'el Jan 23 2009 -

It's good to know that something from that time and that era had and has a future.

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ARCHIVE: The Tree, A question
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