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 ARCHIVE: HELP........, Fragments and Feelings

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ARCHIVE: HELP........, Fragments and Feelings Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: HELP........, Fragments and Feelings   ARCHIVE: HELP........, Fragments and Feelings EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 11:55 am

By Shemyaza Jan 22 2009 -

I am not sure if this is the right area to post this in, apologies if it is not.

I am hoping that someone can help. Long before I came to this site, I have been having, not memories, but feelings, and for want of a better term indications of things.

One of the things that has been confusing me is the way in which some of these reach me. One of the ways is the link between the Ka and the body. Being pagan I understand the principles of this, but in everything that I have read, and people I have spoken to (in pagan circles) this link should be felt from the front of the body, mine is not, it seems to eminate from the small of my back, it is such a strong feeling and sometimes feels as though it is physically trying to pull me back in time (Damn if only I could arrange for a lottery win with it!!) Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, the area I am looking for help in, is to try and regain some of these lost memories, I have fragments, like flashes of emotion when I see something, or a quick burst of an image in my minds eye, I know I have dreams that are relevant, but for the life of me, I can not recall the details just the emotions.

Has anyone got any ideas?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts

By Scratch Jan 23 2009 -

"Indications" sounds like a good term for how my intuition works. I get the basic feel of how something's going to play out, but just drive myself off the mark if I try to fill in details myself.

The funny, tricky thing about Pagan beliefs is, in my experience (I was deep in some circles for a few years) they're cobbled together from so many different traditions/regions. Case in point: Pagan is originally a northern European term, I think, where the Ka was Egyptian. While some things are universal, a lot of things are based on personal experience, interpretations, and even mistakes. So many things like your question are too personal to establish rules about. I'd say you feel it in the small of your back, so there it is. Or at least, there something is; I've also found a lot of things turn out to be exactly as I perceive, but in completely different ways than I thought initially.

As for recalling lost memories, I'm still working mainly with flashes of image or feeling. Every now and then I have a full-blown vision, and meditating for a half-hour first thing in the morning (sitting comfortably with my eyes closed and focusing on my third eye) is helpful. The best I can say though is it's kind of like learning to play an instrument: all it really takes is a lot of practice and not being afraid of it. There can be a lot of information packed into one quick image or residual emotion, so try holding it for a moment. Sustain that fragment, play with it, and often details will surface or it'll lead into something more. Just keep in mind everyone's really bloody confused at first, it's silly to expect yourself to understand everything (that's impossible, especially with nothing but fragments), and you're the best authority on what you perceive.

Have fun!

By Ishtahar Jan 23 2009 -

I have been working with these memories for more than 15 years (OMG Az 15 years this year... blink.gif ) and although some of them are clear and I am beginning to get progressions and 'joined up thinking' it is still hard to 'know'.

Both Az and I are still working on our memories, what they 'mean', what value they have in this life, this place, this time. They are incredibly painful and we ahve suffered to get where we are. Nothing is easy... would it be worth anything if it were.

That was an incredibly insightful post Scratch, you're spot on I think

By Shemyaza Jan 23 2009 -

Thank you both so much, you have both been incredibly helpful in ways that I could not have hoped for. It is making my path a little easier to walk, sound advise and insights will do that.

I know that there are things out there that I dont want to face, and that I am not yet ready to face, but I know that I will have to confront them, and that will happen when I am ready, whether I know that or not.

I have been in a strange mood for the last eight years, but that seems to be lifting now, slowly but surely.

There seems to be a fire deep inside of me that has been nothing but embers for a while, and I can feel its strength building inside once more, and it feels so right, and good.

By Azaz'el Jan 23 2009 -

As a side point, in some traditions the area around the sacral chakra, well, roughly so, is known as the Hara. It is the point where energy flows into the body and leaves the body, connecting us to the universal energy that flows through all things and all time........... and so it is a place where deep seated past life memories can come through and shake us to the core.

It is generally believed that awareness and sensations that can be felt or have come from the Hara are true and have a powerful lesson to teach us. Tha Hara area on the back of the body would roughly correspond to the small of the back.

Hope this.........er.............helps in some way.


By Ishtahar Jan 23 2009 -

I am pleased that I could help, even if only a little. Unfortunately these things are so personal that there is only so much that anyone can do to help you.... most of it you have to do yourself.

But if there is ever anything i can do i will. I have been there, all the way there.

I am glad that you are feeling good about this...I hope that as your understanding grows and deepens you will continue to feed the embers and that they will continue to feed you.

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ARCHIVE: HELP........, Fragments and Feelings
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