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 ARCHIVE: A fall, Not sure I'm one of you, but...

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ARCHIVE: A fall, Not sure I'm one of you, but... Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A fall, Not sure I'm one of you, but...   ARCHIVE: A fall, Not sure I'm one of you, but... EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 5:46 pm

By Scratch June 13 2008 -

Greetings all. I've been reading pretty much at wild stabs here for a bit, and while I don't think I was one of the Shadow exactly, many of the experiences (especially Hope's - thanks for sharing) sound very familiar.

Through instinct and synchronicity with people and means to learn, I've learned a little about self-inducing trance states and journeying; I do it when it feels right to, and what I'm leading up to was one of those times.

I happened to catch a short news segment near the start of the millennium saying that Mars was the closest it has been to Earth in 14,000 years. This new hit me as if I'd been thrown against a stone wall, and I couldn't do anything but sit and think about it. I needed to know what had happened the last time Mars was so close, and as soon as I was willing to admit how imperative it was for me to find out, the means to occurred to me - I rarely remember I know how to journey unless I need to.

If you want to know how I do it, ask, but it's potentially hazardous (as any energy work can be, especially without experienced supervision), and should never be done without a clear question/reason. I trust it though, at least partly because I know I'm there when things happen which I do not anticipate/visualize/imagine.

I was able to reach the state very quickly and deeply that time, and saw dragons perched on high precipices like cliff-tops or skyscrapers. They at least claimed they ruled the world, much as humans rule the world now, but then knew something was coming and flew away, leaving the planet completely for somewhere else. Everything went still, then Something fell from the sky, like an asteroid but straight down. It's trajectory was glowing red, and perfectly perpendicular to the ground - I was seeing this all as if about halfway between the ground and the stratosphere. When it hit the ground there was a white flash that blinded everything. It was cataclysmic, with a blast radius of what must have been hundreds of miles. I was given the impression that was the impact which caused the continents to crack apart and begin drifting; doesn't line up with conventional scientific knowledge I know, but much of science doesn't either as far as I know. As I was told in this vision, it completely changed the course of life on this planet. A new age commenced in the fallout, and somehow enabled humanity to organize and begin civilizations.

I'd be interested to hear what some of you think of this.

By Dreamsend June 13 2008 -


Greetings to you, too happy.gif. I'm trying to think if I have anything I could say about your post. it was extremely interesting (and enheartening ^^ I love knowing about all the diffent types of "magick" out there) but as for what I personally could say...

I have had similar experiences with trigger events... so seemingly innocent and yet they stop you dead in your tracks for minutes or sometimes days. I had a trigger event watching t.v. that actually led to finding the website.

I agree that journeying cam be extremely hazardous but extremely useful.

I wonder if there was something on the thing that crashed into the earth in the vision you saw. It wasn't quite an asteroid, but soemthing else. It's interesting about the dragons, I don't know very much about them myself.

I agree that scientific knowledge often runs counter to itself, so should be held at skepticism if other evidence comes to light.

Is there a reason that you felt drawn to know/share this knowledge? I'm just curious; I usually have visions that are "double-intended". Yes, I learned such-and-such, but really, I was meant to tell this person so that this could happen. And so on.

By Azaz'el June 14 2008 -

Greetings Scratch and welcome to the forum.

I hope you find you time here to be enjoyable and no doubt you have seen that were a mixed bunch of Fallen, Shadow, Kin and Humans. Feel free to keep jumping in to any of the current threads as well as starting your own as youhave here.

It's interesting to hear another perspective from that time....... and you have made me very curious to hear more about what it was you remember falling straight to the earth. For some reason this seems to strike a chord for me, and I can't quite figure out where from or why.

What do you think it was? I agree with Dreamsend, it doesn't quite sound like an asteriod, so do you have any thoughts or feelings or memories?

The time scales here could be placed into a type of chronological order within histgory. There are all the tales regarding an impact like this leading to a mass flood etc just after the fall of the Grigori leading to the legends of Gilgamesh/Noah. Not that I can be totally accurate with this as it was after my death. So, any thoughts, anyone?


By Ellysium June 20 2008 -

Hi Scratch

Your description of journeying and self-inducing trance states reminds me of times when I am pulled into meditation because I just have this very strong feeling to do so. Often when this happens I have visions or go places. I'd be interested to know more about your technique. I also agree with your awareness of the potential hazards of energy work - it often seems that people, especially the younger and newer ones, simply have no idea... but I suppose that's part of learning... Actually I could say a lot more about this, but I don't feel like getting that off-topic.

Anyway, what you saw is very interesting. Personally I'm very curious about the dragons, because I have an affinity with them. For some reason what you described - the dragons perched on cliffs and things - reminds me of a memory I had. Perhaps it is one of my past lives as a dragon... I lived in a cave at the top of a cliff/rock outcropping. Around the base and to the back of this small rocky mountain was a vast plain. In front stretched a forest, and to the right in the distance was a mountain range that was the home for another group of dragons. Dunno if any of that means anything to you...
Unfortunately I cannot say anything about the rest of it. Not getting any feelings or insight about it.

By Scratch July 18 2008 -

First, Ellysium:
The technique I use is fairly simple, but effective enough for me to actually have done it once before it was taught to me (meditating on a train). Lie flat on your back, arms at your sides, with some sort of repeating, rhythmic sound at a comfortable volume playing indefinitely (I've successfully used a hand drum in a basic four count, train wheels on tracks, a ticking pocket watch, and even, for the journey I described, the background music for a video game level my then-boyfriend got stuck on - case in point for how important it was for me to see this). Begin meditating, and visualize yourself going downwards somehow; whether it's via staircase, cave, elevator, or however most easy to envision and feel. Eventually you'll reach a bottom. Start exploring, following intuition, and asking beings you encounter for an answer to your question. To come back out, simply reverse the process. That world is highly fluid, which works both ways, so just remember you can find start climbing back up the stairs or whatever just by thinking of it.

Your description of the dragon home sounded something like what I saw. They each had their own spire, which resembled tall, very thin mountains, and there was an immense plain in the view beyond them. The way it struck me was they lived in communities of peaks; the settlement I saw represented what all the dragons did, like happening to look at Paris to represent major world cities.

Now Dreamsend:
Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate your writing all the more as you didn't feel you had anything directly to add. Yes, there is a reason I was drawn to share this. A funny choice of wording there, in fact, as it was a drawing I made of the fall which shed a lot more light on what it may have been. People who take the time to look at my art for longer than a glance often point out and ask about things in the pictures I had not realized were in them. Usually my best drawings are done in at least somewhat of a trance state, and come as a surprise when I am finished. That one was definitely that, and turned out to be my biggest sale to date.

And Azaz'el:
I'm not surprised this struck a chord with you, from your name and picture. It was not an asteroid, although some call it the morning star. The picture I drew told a story in the trajectory of the object falling. At the top of the page, where the sky was still blue, there was a large violet eye, staring in defiance, and a lavender-feathered wing with three feathers placed to go against the pattern, forming a triangle. A red glow began, gathering and drawing it down. The eye burned red as well at this insult, rage replacing innocent cunning. As it gathered speed the eye narrowed, bloody shrewdness grasping for something to reverse the process. Feathers burned away and scattered in attempts to slow its free-fall, leaving black spines with webbing of brilliant raw meat, bat-like and monstrous. It saw the ground approaching and turned white-hot, wide in disbelieving realization. This was really happening. But deep, deep within, just before impact, a glint of purple returned; the knowledge of what it was, always would be, and that it would not end here.

I shared this one first, because in some ways it was the kickoff. I've spent my life feeling there was something different about me, and finding ways to figure out what it is. One thing I am very curious about: when you all started waking up, when you found your names, did the name come and that was that, or was it more like peeling an onion, going through layers of interpretations to get to the right one? Thanks.

By Ishtahar July 18 2008 -

With me the name came last...... or well nearly last - so far.

It was more like a jigsaw puzzle than an onion. A Piece here a piece there and nothing making sense until they all started fitting together.... over years and years. Still a lot of holes but I think I kind of know what the picture on the box is meant to be.


By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

When I started waking up...
I think I've always been slightly awake... When I was a kid I saw spirits (still do occasionally), and I knew I could talk to animals telepathically (not too great at it because I don't do it often lol) and I had this sense that I had been through so many lifetimes that I wasn't very excited about the prospect of going through another one haha. There were other little things like that.

In adolescence I really started waking up. I went through numerous past lives, forms, and names in the matter of months. Eventually I settled on a white dragon named Mary and she stayed with me for several years. And then it turned out that she wasn't me, and I haven't seen her much since then. I also have an angelic form that shows up now and then...

But now... I'm not really sure who or what I am. I still identify a bit as a dragon, but it isn't as clear as it used to be. But I'm starting to tap into my soul a bit, and to be honest, it feels like.. well, like it doesn't have any definite name or form. And that's where I am right now.

By Azaz'el Aug 3 2008 -

For me it has been a culminatrion of lots of things and still is.......... the memories came then the name, then the memories again!

Having had the knowledge that I was here to do a specific job or task, to right some wrongs and gujide and protect I have always had thoughts, memories and ideas that didn't fit into any boxes. Then during a healing session I was having, a wholse host of memories burst through and it began a difficult and traumatic tiem in my life that brought the Shadow to my full attention... and also placed me in the full attention of the Shadow once more. That was the time they began to realise who I was, but I was a little slower, having to peel away the memories to reach back to the first times.

That is when memories came and once again, with an exolosion, came the name.... which shouldn't have been as much of a surprise as it was, considering events and people around me. And then the memories returned again and this website and forum was created by both Ishtahar and I.

Both Ish and I have been working with the knowledge and memories of who we are, who we were, for about 12 years now (or is it longer Ish?) and the knowledge still keeps coming.

Your description certainly does ring bells to me Scratch, thanks for sharing that with us.


By Ishtahar Aug 4 2008 -

Well the specific memories started to surface

12 years 8 months and 27 days ago (the night of my 30th birthday party if anyone is impressed by how specific I can be)

but I think we were working up to it for a good couple of years before that.


By Azaz'el Aug 4 2008 -

Well I was impressed that you could remember it so well..... until I realised why you were able to be so accurate!!

I think you are right, we were working towards it for quiet some time, such as that day with the shared vision of the sword and the knowledge about the cycles returning.


By Ishtahar Aug 4 2008 -

Oh yes, I had forgotten about that.

Anyway it was a long time ago


By Angelyn Mar 1 2009 -

So far my name, at least the one I remember, is the first thing that came, wrapped in memories. An old boyfriend used to call me his "Angel" and one day for no reason I snapped "it's Angelyn, not Angel, and I'm no angel anymore" pretty much out of nowhere, it was when I was about 12 or 13. I had a very bitter feeling as I said it. The memories came in dreams, and waking dreams. I only have memories of that one round though. My best friend, who I've been through many lives with, has more memories of me then I do, it's rather disappointing. She remembers me both as Angelyn and as "Deaths Bride" what I was called after my banishment when i went on my little, um, spree of vengeance. She helped guard a keep and would call me in for difficult situations that needed an experts touch. I remember, vaguely, that I could turn the pain beings had caused to others and turn it on them 10 fold.
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ARCHIVE: A fall, Not sure I'm one of you, but...
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