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ARCHIVE: A Seed Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A Seed   ARCHIVE: A Seed EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 8:32 am

From Sari'el 25 Jul 2008

Brothers, Sisters,

These times we live in, these years of silence before the storm... Some times it feels like nothing's moving, like we're going to be stuck here forever doing the same stupid things over and over until we die, only to repeat that same cycle...

But it truely is the silence before the storm. Things are moving, beyond our current periphery, within us, and in the world around us. We are coming together, alliances are being made, friendships, from times long ago, but not gone, are blossoming anew.

We are like a seed, growing in the ground. Of course, we are small, no one notices us, sometimes we are trampled by beasts ignorant of the flower that could bloom, but...in time, that seed, it will grow into a flower, beautiful for all to see. And it will stand out among the grass and dust and stones, and spread it's beauty throughout the world. And they will gaze upon it and be moved by such frail beauty...

And that little flower will grow into a mighty tree, with strong branches to hold on to. And when the storm finally comes, the tree will have roots deep in the ground, holding it firmly in place. All from that seed, the hope in our hearts.



From Azaz'el 25 Jul 2008

Thank you for such an inspiring and visual post my friend, we are indeed growing as a mighty oak grows ......... when watched there seems to be no growth or movement at all, but with hindsight you can see just how far we have come.

This forum will be one year old soon..... and it will be amazing to look back and see how we have grown, how much we have learnt and how mush we have prepared for the times ahead.


From Ishtahar 26 Jul 2008

For some reason your post made me sad at first Ser. I don't know why because, as Az said it was inspirational.

I suppose it was the part where you said that some of us would be trampled under foot.

I know that there are many of us out there who are still lose and I wonder how much they are being trampled.

I believe that we have come to a place where the call is being heard and if they are not coming it is becuase they can't come and I wonder why.

I know that all three of us have suffered so much and we are strong because of it but I am still sad for those who suffer still. I wish I could ease the suffering but I know it is necessary to forge strength of spirit.

Oh dear, I am such a.... whatever.

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