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 ARCHIVE: Possible Memory, something that i might have been

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ARCHIVE: Possible Memory, something that i might have been Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Possible Memory, something that i might have been   ARCHIVE: Possible Memory, something that i might have been EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 6:46 pm

By Razi'el Mar 15 2009 -

hey there!

just putting this out there, but after a recent identity crisis, i think i gained a bit of memory. i'm not sure if it's real or not, but i think i used to help the souls of the newly departed remove their attachments to this world and pass on to the other side, or whatever the Hereafter consists of. are there any others out there that have ever heard of something like this?

By Scratch Mar 16 2009 -

I don't know if "heard of it" is the right way to phrase it, but at the very least that sounds like a necessary, important function. I've talked to a lot of ghosts; they're all still here because there's something they can't let go of, and there are accounts and practices of ways to help the newly dead let go of earthly ties. If you dig enough in here, I've posted stuff about my dealings with the/an incarnation of Death (you can e-mail me for the story, if you like). He wasn't anything like what you're talking about, but that makes what you said more likely to be true, in my opinion.

By Ishtahar Mar 16 2009 -

sounds like an interesting job at least. smile.gif

By Azaz'el Mar 16 2009 -

There is the concept of Gatekeepers, those who act as soul midwives to meet the newly departed and help them to cross to the world of spirit, to the Summerlands. This journey or birth into the next state of being is where the soul remembers its past, integrates the life it has just left and understands all it has achived. The Gatekeepers or Soul Midwives help in the letting go of all attachments to this incarnate world in the knowledge that the soul will be reunited once more with the loved ones left behind.

It's a complicated task and a difficult one for those who act as this bridge.


By Lael Mar 16 2009 -

Remembers, and forgets, too, in a manner. >.> What they also do is "put away" the collective memories/experiences for the souls that go back for another round, so they can be clean slate-ish again. And learn from that for themselves while they're at it, by absorbing whatever the soul crossing over has carried with it.


A roundabout way of saying yes, Minnigan, heard of it all right... smile.gif

By Razi'el Apr 5 2009 -

thank you all for your input! and sorry for the delayed replies by me... been a bit nusy on my end *chuckles*

anywho, a lot of this info is interesting, and yeah, Az, that seems like the kind of job it was. i haven't had any experiences like these past couple for a while now, maybe some meditation will help me learn more.

By Ouza Apr 10 2009 -

The ultimate choice is and always has been yours or so ... a very close friend once told me whom, I truly will love and respect always wink.gif


Ousa smile.gif
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ARCHIVE: Possible Memory, something that i might have been
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