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 ARCHIVE: a confusing memory, what was he there for?

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ARCHIVE: a confusing memory, what was he there for? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: a confusing memory, what was he there for?   ARCHIVE: a confusing memory, what was he there for? EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 11:31 am

By Elaea Jun 26 2009 -

it has been a while since i had last seen Laeus. I went to sit near his house in hope i would maybe he see him but he was no where in sight, i went to sit near a tree and stretched my wings and relaxed, after a few moments while i was trying to figure out all the possible places Laeus could be a tall, caucasian, dark haired man with light colored eyes came to me. He said something to me and i can't remember what it was though, he placed a chain in my hand and walked off. the last time i saw Laeus was when me and hime were training although im not sure what it is we were training for. When he walked away i was upset and worried i didnt know what to do...and thats where it ends. I just wish i knew...why was he there? what was it that made me upset?

By Dreamsend Jun 26 2009 -

That's interesting...

Do you remember anything about the chain? Heavy, gold, silver, light, circular, broken off at the end? Was the man who walked up to you human?

-- A

By Elaea Jun 27 2009 -

it was a silver chain, very small...i cant remember if it was broken i dont think it was though. the man who walked up to me i don't think he was human he might have been...sorry im not so good with remembering whether he was human or not.

By Ishtahar Jun 27 2009 -

Chains are tricky imaegery. They can sometimes mean bondage (bound in chains) or making a new connection (a new link in the chain) but, in my experience they usually mean some kind of close bond, possibly you and Laeus. If the man was sad it could mean a lot of things. Perhaps, if it was a memory he was telling you that your link with Laeus would end in tears..... which it did.... that time. smile.gif

By Dreamsend Jun 27 2009 -

What Ishtahar said =) I would also think that it probably refers to a bond. Maybe the man was made some sort of steward over something and he was relinquishing it back to you? There are a ton of possibilities... maybe the chain was some sort of gift? Or maybe it was purely symbolic?

By Laeus Jun 27 2009 -

wow ishtahar, amazing. hmm... now this training thing, was this before we got attacked by the shadow and escaped to the desert?

By laeus Jun 27 2009 -

by the way, i love how your having memories without me in them, it makes the bigger picture so much easier to see. the chain symbolises how we had to be together even though we had seperate tasks to go on. YES! i remember! at that time i had been sent to the british isles to make contact with the fae, thats where my vision fits in ( where i am standing on a stormy white cliff looking as if i have a quest to go on.) and you were sent to make contact with the dragons, YES! remember those visions we used to have, which we thought didn't fit in with this angel thing, well they do!

By Ishtahar Jun 27 2009 -


By Azaz'el Jun 27 2009 -

Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together........... cool.gif


By Laeus Jun 27 2009 -

yes! i love it when this happens, you were right az. when Elaea and I went to the desert and got attacked that WAS after you guys had been killed. the only thing is who were the remaining angels who trained us and why were they there? we weren't sent to the desert running, no, we had completed our quests trying to make contact with other races and this was our final stop before our war. oh btw, i have another name for myself, well not myself actually, its hard to explain. its the name for my twin, the boy who lives in the mirror, through the looking glass, Lothori'el. any ideas.?

By Elaea Jun 28 2009 -

yeah, it could mean a bond i totaly agree. this is great, everything makes sense to me now...the man who gave me the chain when he left he turned to me and said i should look after it and keep it safe because oneday i might need it again OMG!!!! the chain, it looks similar to a chain i got a few weeks ago as a gift...is that even possible? having a similar chain?

By Ishtahar Jul 1 2009 -

Stranger things have happened smile.gif

By Ouza Jul 1 2009 -

Own the moment!

This so called universe/multi-verse of ours is communicating and reaffirming a lifetime for you to remember and to always treasure and ultimately reawaken so that we as a collective can become as one!

Don't let it pass you by! Your Pineal gland ... is and should be ringing off the hook !!!



By Azaz'el Jul 1 2009 -

I suppose it's important to remember that everyone faces their awakening in a different way and at different times or stages. So as much as Ouza makes a very valid point, don't worry if it's not quite happening in that way or if everything doesn't come through just yet.

The Universe has a wonderful way of allowing only those memories that we can cope with flow into and through us........ even if we, at the time, feel it's all too much.

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ARCHIVE: a confusing memory, what was he there for?
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