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 ARCHIVE: they wanted me dead

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ARCHIVE: they wanted me dead Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: they wanted me dead   ARCHIVE: they wanted me dead EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 4:49 pm

By Elaea Jul 6 2009 -

she was a lovely lady who I remember from my childhood, it wasnt all pleasant. I was young when i was taken to start training I learnt many skills some of which i can still use today. She took me into the forest and passed me a sword. I looked at her thinking "do you really expect me to fight" i remember her telling me we dont have much time. She pointed her sword at me.

I rarely trained with a weapon she taught me how to use magic, I was young though so to me magic was but "new" to me. I had power of which i couldn't explain.

This woman who trained me was almost like a mother figure until oneday i was told to meet her in the forest but as i walked to meet her i saw 5 men holding her, the other man...probaly the leader asking where I am "where is Elaea" he demanded she told them she is not sure as she has seen me for days. Lying to them to protect me. The next thing i can remember is them stabbing her, killing

the leader was evil, he let nothing get into his way...he was demanding and would stop at nothing until i was dead. It seemed like my village people have turned against me, walking back home was like a nightmare they all stared at me whispering things to oneanother. i clearly remember one woman throwing water onto me saying i should burn, because i am nothing but trouble for the village.

By Laeus Jul 6 2009 -

wow...ok. umm i dunno what to say i guess, Elaea i don't think we have ever spoken of this, in this life and the past.

By Ishtahar Jul 6 2009 -

Remembering a past we have no frame of reference for is often hard. It is always the significant and usually the most traumatic memories that come first.

I have had my share of remembered pain but it's all relative and usually not the whole picture

By Scratch Jul 6 2009 -

::hugs:: Yeowch! Some things hurt as bad to watch as they are to go through. Focus on the good times, the stuff you learned and can still remember (try it out, with a stick or something if you don't have a sword), and hope you're going to whup that kind of evil wherever you can.

By Elaea Jul 7 2009 -

Laeus, you are apart of this memory i had...i just am not sure as to how I should put the words yet, I see you in it. but i get snippets of you to such a point i can't put the pieces together. Yeah we havnt spoken about it. but i would like too.

and Ishtahar i agree with you there it is usually the most traumatic which come first its so painful, knowing that you were wanted to be dead by your own village people is awful the people you thought you could trust.
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ARCHIVE: they wanted me dead
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